“Hit the Road” – Uncle Weed Storytime intro (for Cannavervse Community)

Time to “Hit the Road” with Uncle Weed! From my historic barn studio in Japan comes an intro video – crafted via telegraph, typewriter and mimeograph -riffing about cannabis-inspired travel from Palau to Jamaica, Nepal to Cascadia… + previews of the HempenRoad, amplification of activists, writers, artists and culture everywhere.

Overall, a preview of what’s to come to the Cannaverse from my archive including Campfire Conversations, Hero Dossiers and Open Studio. Settle in, hang out and importantly, participate by sharing where you wanna go, what’s inspiring you, how we can effectuate positive change in the world.

I’m collaborating with some pals on a new Cannabis Community project – its all metavers-y and NFTs and such as and while that’s not my forte, sharing stories from rambles, campaigns, and creative riffs is (fer sure) so here’s the firestarter video to spark the project series. Links below to get in on the hi-jinks. So happy to be getting studio barn set-up with all the wires, dongles, adapters, extenders, lights and mics. Catch all the topics in the riff below and come on along!

Blurb: From an eclectically-decorated historic barn studio in provincial Japan, Uncle Weed gives a rapid intro about schemes and plans for various Cannaverse Club series starting by checking down a list of travels from Palau to Jamaica, Nepal to Cascadia, plus annotations about Amsterdam – and previewing the HempenRoad doc film.

Further, shares an overview of credentials; ergo, publications in a batch of cannabis magazines, hemp books, and all sorts of ancillary media, events… Plus sneaks in a few hitchhiking signs, hot springs snapshots, and hints about pioneering biznesses.

Also riffs about what it means to be a “cannabis creative” and shares affection for making scrapbooks, postcards and storyboards, then onto “upgrading your hero file” by learning about artists, writers, musicians, and activists who sparked positive change in their communities and the world beyond.

Finally, an invitation to participate by suggesting ideas, sharing inspirations, pitching adventures, and charitable endeavors.

Join in the hijinks at the #uncle-weed-storytime on the Cannaverse Club discord server and/or https://Cannaverseclub.com

So I have several typewriters but the one I pulled down for the video has a bit of a problem where the carriage doesn’t go all the way right so, while I was typing in the video, it was only “sort of typing“.

Here’s the artifact and you can see there was some stuff typed the other day when I did a test shoot and then typing on top of the typing and then scribbling and then stamping.
And finally a snapshot :)