Resource: Coded Communications, Phonetic Alphabets, etc. / clearinghouse

No doubt in some program or another you’ve heard military personnel/ spies/ special operations operatives communicate using “phonetic alphabets” meaning saying a word beginning with the intended letter so the letter is not misheard –especially with significant background noise or dodgy communication channels with static and what not.

I got curious and it turns out indeed, there are loads of different variations used regionally, in different militaries / organization or different purposes/ services.

What follows is mostly screen captures and random images harvested off the Internet (wikipedia etc for research/ resource/ education/amusement purposes only.

In other words, I didn’t create any of these images, and I wasn’t diligent enough to keep track of where they came from, but I keep on wondering about these things so I’m stashing them here so I can find one I’m curious. Maybe you are also curious.

So consider this a clearinghouse of mostly outdated, irrelevant or redundant information which you could easily obtain elsewhere.

Source for some but not all:

A few more curious items:

Whatcha think?