Mountain High Festivus Greetings from Uncle Weed – Choogle On Bonus

Atop snowy Grouse Mountain, high above Vancouver, Uncle Weed sparks a doob in the trees near log statues to bid happy Festivus! and Gouranga! to all sentient beings – plus declares unilateral support of partying on all manner of holidays.

Festivus Greetings from Uncleweed

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{audio and art editing by Bread the Producer}

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Wild and Crazy Canucks episode 12 (retired)

The Crazy Canucks cohorts gathered around the Skypey yulelog for a dose of recaps and banter on the lads’ fortunes versus the Flames (beauty win), win vs Wild, (whew) and bad loss to the same Wild (dammit) shortly thereafter.  The result is 35 minutes .mp3 Canuck-itude called “TCC#12 – Not too wild about the Wild.”

Fill your egg nog and come along with Alanah, who is now CanucksandBeyond(insert echo effect here), Rebecca who’s living a Canuck 604 lifeRadio John Zooming along and JJG who is the Canucks Hockey blogger.

Pacifici Coliseum

Miscellania includes Burrows gift-giving, Wild boredom, Luongo and media spotlight,  Rory all-star campaign, Giants and Silvertips at the Coliseum, yadda dabba do … and me dropping off line, disappearing mysteriously …


International Street Hockey in China

Get on the Bus for Canucks Outsider Playoffs -- Live!
humble blogger as a young man cheering on the Canucks cup run in 1994 in Saji village, Tottori, Japan

As a guy who’s lived in many foreign lands and proselytized hockey all round … even hauled sticks to Japan to practically beg guys for an hour of concrete chaos …, GZ Expat’s recent blog post makes me wanna hum happy songs and go door to door collecting stinky gear from garages to ship over.

If you haven’t checked it out his brief documentation of a one in a million night in China (a million per day in Canada), then stop by to read Ball Hockey on the Streets of Guangzhou as he tells about a United Nations worth of kids with ancient gear looking to score on a stickless goalie.

So who’s in?  Anyone wanna send some stuff over to him?  I think the plastic stick blades could work out great for him as a slender piece of wood for a shaft should be findable over there.


Cannabis Publishing Roundup ~ Heads, High Times, Cannabis Culture and more

Zen Rambling in Japan - Heads magazine cover

Heads magazine - Dave bio

Ross article - Heads magazine cover

Heads – the marijuana lifestyle magazine (think High Times without the sensationalized cheese), published out of Quebec (don’t worry franco-phobes, Heads is an english language magazine), relaunched their web site working in a few groovy features, trial downloads and yup, a blog… – they’ve tacked on a typepad blog onto their site to get some two-way communication rolling.

They kick it off thusly:

Welcome to the brand-new HEADS ON-LINE

Amanda_copy_1It’s finally here! Our new website is packed with awesome stuff for you to check out. Stop by the HEADShop to pick up some awesome HEADS gear, or take a peek at our Gallery for some stoney pics. We’ll be updating this site continually, so make sure to bookmark it as your homepage!

As a enthusiast of Heads magazine, publishing two HeadFirst articles this year (“Zen Rambling in Japan” & “Rebagliati Positive for 2010”) was a high point of 2006 to be sure.
Zen Rambling article in Heads magazine

Looking back, over 10+ years, I’ve published in High Times, Cannabis Culture (Hempen Culture in Japan issue #13 and Best of … #2), Journal of Internationl Hemp Association and was an article subject in the (now-defunct) Hemp World plus the infamous Evergreen College top counter culture college issue of High Times.

Evergreen in High Time cover

Besides the magazines and journals, my research and writingsappear in books including Hemp Horizons, Hanp, What the World Needs Now, Hemp for Victory (no, not the film) plus the booklet Practical Guide to Cannabis made for HempLobby.

Then there is the HempenRoad film, my bit in Go With the Flow, numerous radio & TV appearences and all non-weed projects (both creative and expository writing) on tech culture, hockey, winter Olympics, workplace drug testing, rehabilitative and restorative justice in the drug court model …
HempenRoad poster
All of this is groovy, but i would be stoked to have a regular “home” for my writing projects – though i don’t always fit into editorial schedules and topics – i’m no Hunter Thompson (I don’t care for Quaaludes and rarely trash hotel rooms anymore), but i’d really like a homebase like Rolling Stone was for him … complete with instructions like, “submit something compelling about political world affairs by this date and send us your expenses …”

Alright, alright, … but i can dream can’t i? What i wanna do is go places and write, paint, record, film or otherwise documents the research and hi-jinks along the trips and not have to sweat the filthy money part too much.

These days, I am keen to write more about military service evaders seeking refugee status in Canada (which i wrote about in 2004 and the situation is waaaay bigger now) and document the community that has aided them in the transitional phase (many Quakers and Vietnam era dodgers).

Also, Vancouver skater and artist Lee Matasi who was shot and killed last year when trying to bring some peace to a sidewalk argument in Gastown. The skater community has rallied to complete a skatepark and speak out against violence as so may easy going folk collectively said “that could’ve been me.”

Or travelouges about Palau … heading to the secret island of sweet pakalolo, diving with sharks and turtles, or Yap with loincloths and bare-chested women and stone money where i dove with manta rays and toked with locals in an ancient hut while drinking coconut wine, … or Belize scoring grass from rastas, drinking panty-rippers (coconut rum and pineapple juice) and eating crockpot chicken, beans and rice served from a fold up table roadside where the only traffic is golf carts.

backpack joints

Sigh… but the day job does get in the way of many of the big projects i’d like to do including releasing HempenRoad film as DVD for 10th(!) anniversary with the massive stash of bonus features i have despite no longer having the original footage (eiji where are you?).

Plus I’ve long wanted to go back to Japan to explore the Jomon-era cave-art near Shimonoseki more before JIHA’s Rob Clarke finds everything else out ;-). This could turn in to a book, a film a podcast or all three (think of Ewan Macgregor and Charley Boorman’s multi-media trip-o-louge “Long Way Round”). Ahhh, i forgot i gotta find a way to finance all of these hi-jinks.

Anyhow, Heads encouraged me write the articles the way i wanted – without much fuss and just enough feedback to keep it on track for their audience and word count (which i exceeded greatly each time). Rockin’ good stuff.

Heads also maintain a myspace page but this new site, while not ideal, is much more in tune with the high quality of the magazine. Consider subscribing to Heads magazine eh, you’ll get it in a plain envelope.

Trivial Retractions and Power Outages ~ Choogle On! #35

Cutting through the woods late for the bus, Uncle Weed admits his confusion concerning Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and gives the whole low-down on Ross’s history and points out Wikipedia’s errors, then … announces everyone’s a winner!

Plus pimps more fave podcasts and happyvappys. Days later, catches up with God Bud and Purple Smurf from the secret herbal lounge (good to hang in power outages), Gastown’s colorful history, homeless housing, fallen trees in Stanley Park, hockey games and Festivus gift ideas.

Download Choogle On! with Uncle Weed #35 (27:52, 26MB, .mp3)

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Choogleon #35

Gift Ideas:

postcards from wherever you are, neat stuff you made, organic dark roast dank coffee, tasty tea, wool socks (Smartwool and/or Dahlgren, sz. M, mid-weight), cellulose rollies, buy an African family a goat …

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Nemo the ambidextrous artist from Eugene, Oregon – blog
Nemo makes art

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  • Silverhawk “Wakin’ up drunk, wishing i was deead”
  • Larry Harper (of Utah Valley) from ZZZyz Rd.
  • Black Tories – Lazarus from Love Lies Bleeding released by Kill Kool Records

Trey, dude call me, we’ll spark one (or at least hire a driver man)

Ernest Anastacio is better known as Trey from Phish, a fine, quirky jam band (who i first saw in Providence Rhode Island in 1992 or so), was busted late last night 12/15/06) early this morning or whatever.

Willie Nelson's stash from recent bust

busted trey
TSG Mug Shot: Trey Anastasio

{message to Trey} Dude, Ern… really take it easy man, we don’t need another burnt out, wasted talent sucked into pharmaceuticals. Stick to the naturals man and oh yeah by the way, i really like your solo stuff, i saw your sound check at Red Rocks a few years back and you were going in a whole new direction. Dug it. Oh yeah, take it easy dude, take some time off and kick back if you are in so much pain (and shit dude, hire a fuckin’ driver and avoid all these problems and keep on partyin’).

According to the popular tattle-tale documentary site, The Smoking Gun (who posted his booking photo), he was busted with some harsh ‘scrips:
You’d think he’d enjoy his reefer like Willie Nelson (stash below) or maybe some ‘shrooms or even LSD but he is more akin to Rush Limbaugh in his choice of inebriations, …

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio was arrested in December 2006 by upstateNew York cops for driving while intoxicated and illegal possession of avariety of medications (Xanax, Percocet, and Hydrocodone) prescribed insomeone else’s name. Anastasio, 42, whose real first name is Ernest, was nabbed by Whitehall police just miles from the Vermont borderfollowing a traffic stop. He was charged with criminal possession of acontrolled substance, DWI-drugs, and driving without a license.

Crazy Canucks #11 ready for tasting

I stopped by Radio Zoom John and Miss 604 Rebecca‘s west end apartment for this episode with Alanah, newly of Kukla’s Korner and JJ Canucks Hockey blogchiming in via Skype for our erstwhile roundtable.

Topics include Vancouver Canucks OpEd’s demise and rebirth, accreditation of grassroots media (us) –  recent games vs. Carolina (up early, won in OT), Flames (loss with minor comeback), and Yotes (punishing win over lousy team).  Plus banter on knowing your role, Jovo in town, Naslund hot or not and drinking sake.

Hear it for yourself, TCC#11 – Looking for a streak


International Heads and Hemp Oil ~ Choogle On! #34

Uncle Weed works through a pile of interesting mail including recent Heads magazines, hemp essential oil from Switzerland, shocking letters from Iranian academics, indecent US border guards ands sends a call out for show topics and offers bribes for show reviews plus a contest, …

Download Choogle On! with Uncle Weed #34 (43:24, 40MB, .mp3)

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podcasting note and toolk

Trivia Contest: What is the Canadian town where Ross Rebagliati and Uncle Weed were born? Listen to Clubside Breakfast Time for answer- and yes, proper spelling counts!

Post answer to this blog post or send e-mail to uncleweed {at} uncleweed {d0t} to win a copy of the winter sports issue of Heads magazine (seen below) with article on Ross Rebagliati … signed by the writer!

Ross article - Heads magazine coverRoss article, Heads magazine

Music Roster:

  1. Black Tories – Flightpath
  2. Drive by Truckers – World of Hurt
  3. Chris Sullivan – Rainin’

Link Stash:

Iran LetterIran Letter page 2

feedback uncleweed {at} uncleweed {d0t} net
note to self: find busted Surrey US border guard article
new note to self: talk about info received from Chad in Surrey

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