Black Ice Issue #15 — Mr. November

Mr. November has begun the march to coronation. On another note, Barack Obama won the election.

Roberto Luongo and his notoriously slow starts have given way to Roberto Luongo and his notoriously exceptional mid-season. Tuesday’s shutdown at the Garage was leaps and bound better than their tilt versus Nashville last year when Sami Salo and Kevin Bieksa went down with major injuries. But that exercise in man-games-lost-to-injury was superseded by the surprise upstart of Alex Edler and the superman play of Blue (Bee-Lou as in Bobby Lou).

Tuesday’s game, while not a stand-on-his-head thriller, had enough saves (not to mention goals) to warrant Blue’s third shutout of of the season. The victory was sort of like Obama’s campaign: enough defense to stave of an ugly red-state threat; enough offense for a lopsided victory.

This win is not to be confused with hope and change, it is merely the beginning of hope and change.

Next Up — Phoenix


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