Black Ice Issue #14 — Fight or Flight

Sundays game against Detroit really illuminated the holes in Vancouver’s attack. While the Canucks made a game of it — keeping things close in a 3-2 loss — it was the special teams and, more importantly, lack of an elite scorer on the roster that ultimately made them fall short. The Detroit Blitzkrieg (consisting of Nik Lidstrom and company) commands the respect of the league and if the Canucks respected their firepower, they could have stood a chance. Vancouver PK is on a downswing right now and it basically cost them the game. The Wings went

The fight or flight response is often recalled during warfare. When the Detroit Red Wings dominate, they are not flying — they are destroying with cold decisive blows. If they are underwhelming in their gravitas it is only because their cadence is so well-adjusted. Now I know that nobody in Canada wants to watch well-adjusted hockey. It is also safe to bet that nobody wants to watch losing hockey either. This is where the moral philosophy of Alain Vigneault is trumped by the bravado of the Aquillini oligarchy. Coach Vee, in the past two years at the helm, has coached with what he had for a team, that is, one superstar and a hand full of upstart rookies and washouts. Now with the directive from the owners for a higher stakes, open offensive game, Vigneault is being asked to squeeze blood from a stone.

This must make Vigneault cringe. He is now coaching a Red Wings style attack without the firepower. Something akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight. It will be interesting to see if this bluff can work as a legitimate strategy or whether the Canucks drop the blade and run.

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