Post’d: Various, Vaguely Clandestine Efforts, etc.

Disguise is basically perfect, inpenetrable, no one will ever recognize me like this… So on I go #WorldsWorstSecretAgent #Postcards

🎵🎶somewhere…. Beyond the sea…. 🎶🎵 thank you my faithful pen pal. 💙 happy mail today.”

But how did you ever guess that was me :)?

PS the lady at the post office (who are always amused my my dispatches) pointed out that “that’s not your wife?!” ha #truth … but is it even me? #worldsworstsecretagent

Unrelated, sorta but wanted to include for the record as Casey Bean is living a pleasing life and sharing via pod

*but* the connection is we were both guests on JJ Walsh’s (above) Seeking Sustainability Live video talk show

Since, i’m here, adding Billy Bragg endorsing a Canadian Federal Election candidate (mostly so i can find this later on).

Whatcha think?