Postcards to Elsewhere ~ Okayama to Orcas

Story: A distinguished gentleman on a small Salish Sea Island was smart/kind enough to order a packet of my custom postcards & shared snaps so you know when you order my art postcards you’re not just getting some mass-produced nonsense in the mail.

Each one authenticated with a special stamp so it’s like an analog “NFT”… Just being on trend here  PS If you wanna hook up a set for yourself (to mail to your friends or keep – either is fine) track me down

Pal (noted entrepreneur, explainer video pioneer, current house maker, dog pal) Lee Lefever shared his handcrafted postal dispatches purchase from DaveOShop, ergo: 

“Psyched to receive this piece of creativity in the mail from @uncleweed in Japan. It’s all constructed with style and great care. Nice work, Dave Olson”

Ergo: Each dossier is assembled with affection and attention with full-on mixed media bonanza, from the envelope’s address using ink-well fountain pens, various stamps (ink, postal and authentication) washi tape, elephant dung paper (seriously, but *not gross*) etc.

The dog is the “famous“ Hachiko / there are movies about him waiting for his human at the train station for years after… (Sniff sniff, tears tears, can’t finish the story) and a statue near Shibuya station

Inside are postcards (individually printed on watercolour paper) of paintings of post boxes in various global outposts / So unique that you want to send to your friends, but so pleasing you want to keep them for yourself, either idea is fine by me (tip: order two sets).
Also available are scenes from Spanish alleys and balconies, spy camera photos from Kerala, and others dossiers of secrets & ephemera.

The square “moo” card included (above) is a quick watercolor from an alley full of restaurants in Rome.

The blue paper wrapping the cards (from the Vatican, Kathmandu, Oman and Olympia Greece) is from Sri Lanka made from elephant dung… Don’t worry, not gross, just eco cause big critters dump a lot :)

Sharing evidence and annotations here (with permission,  cause hey its his address):

Address is written in a new-to-me fountain pen requiring an inkwell to dip dip dip write write write / I feel like I’m forging historic documents

I like to think the postal workers have as much fun putting on the cancellation stamps as I do decorating the envelopes 
They get a kick out of me rolling up to the post office with the cutest baby and a stack of quirky letters going all over the world.

Memo: Sent from Okayama Shinogoze Post Office

If you need ’em, you can find them

Thanks Lee, I truly enjoy our correspondence and mutual affection for charcoaled cypress walls. 

Whatcha think?