Post’d: postcard session before the hospital

Sent some postcards yesterday before heading to the hospital / just to tell a few people thanks for sticking with me and saying kind things etc.

Haven’t done a lot of mailing this year (it’s become complicated and many get lost so a bit discouraging).

A bundle for international and a trio for domestic purposes only. After doing the check-in at the hospital, we took a little wander to put them in the mail slot, always such an exciting feeling for me. How about you?

The workbench once stored rice and soy sauce, now it works great for standing up to scribble and sort

I should mention that when im in the “giggling piglet studio” with the sturdy wooden beams overhead abs the stereo sounding great these days, making postcards and/or scrapbooks, in the cool dimness with incense burning, everything is quite wonderful. Get a little anxious before medical “stuff” so nice to spend time in here instead of fretting.

I’ve got various places to stand/sit to work and lighting combinations for various circumstances.

So very grateful to the ancestors for making this building long before foreigners, electricity, air conditioning, records were around, but there was incense.

Whatcha think?