Post’d: cards/letters received (Nov – Dec 2019) from Scotland, Vancouver, Japan…

Cards and Letters are rolling on in to the Tsuchida Cottage postbox. Each a treasure and documented for posterity as well as enjoyed for the present.

Here are a few recent arrivals with brief annotations: 

This “Thank You” card is from Naomi Maeda who made our groovy new toques documented in Misc Autumn Diary

This card is hard to top! Double-sided, handmade with art photo by Cheryl who befriends and documents birds in and around her home in Vancouver. 

You can purchase her photo cards at Cheryl Alexander Photography and/or follow on FB Page.

This gem of a packet from Jen and Leah in Vancouver featured postage stamps commemorating the legendary Vancouver Asahis baseball team (and included a pin too!) and Jen’s new card design for her work (wth artfully chosen colours!) and an incredibly cool promo keychain (i’ll share at some point. 

My dear Friend Kira continually sends postcards from her travels and each is a valued treat. She radiates so much positivity and goodness. 

Finally from Scotland, D & I who i met while crossing Arabia via ship checked in with a great card and very welcome update on their life. Such sweetness!


Keep in Touch: 

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937-1 Tsuchida, Naka-ku 
Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken
703-8217 Japan



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