Scrapjournal: Flying Angels / healing items, cards, letters, 2013

Scrapbook: Healing Items, 2013 (flying angels cover)
Scrapbook: Flying angels, 2013

An oversize example with a sample of folk-art wall paper for a cover (co-opted from a colour copier at a Kinko’s I briefly worked at), a box from a cake purchased in Russia for binding cover (atop some quilted Kraft paper) and a board game backer (iirc). Sewn up with twine so mighty its almost thin rope.

I made this when I first became ill with a couple of chronic and complex diseases to hold the cards and letters I received from well-wishers, as well as notes, thoughts, and dareisay, inspirational bits and pieces.

Note: Making and filling scrapbooks is/has become a part of my “therapy” in that I pass the time and contextualize my personal archeology within the pages and also construct to give as gifts to keep human connections sparked.

Did I mention this particular construction is very large? Ledger rather than letter paper block.

Whatcha think?