Scrapbook assembly: Hemp paper / ephemera, notes, musings, 2014

Scrapbook: circa 2015 / ephemera, notes, musings (Hemp paper, cover)
Scrapbook: Hemp paper cover / ephemera, notes, musings, circa 2014

This scrapbook takes a board game for a backer and a slice of same to support the side sewn binding for (another) Japanese horizontal layout. The cover – obviously – is Hemp Paper acquired while making HempenRoad film in 1996 from Tree Free paper (a Paul Stanford company) from Portland.  Binding thread covered up with festive Chinese joss paper. Photographed (appropriately) on a piece of hemp canvas. Inside the book, well another day we’l figure that out but I suspect my usual variety of musings, snippets of paper, scribbled schemes and lists, and forgotten poetry.

Whatcha think?