Scrapbook assembly: “My Big Drawing and Art Book”, 1996

Scrapbook: assembly "My Big Drawing and Art Book" (made circa 1996)
Scrapbook: assembly “My Big Drawing and Art Book” (made circa 1996)

Note: this is possibly the first scrapbook i personally constructed and bound in the (vaguely) Japanese-style, meaning horizontal format, side bound and sewn. Created in the bookbinding and print shop (featuring the former-State-of-Washington moveable type press) on campus of Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA.

In this workshop, i learned a variety of bookbinding and printing techniques, many of which came together in this piece (a series of 4 or 5 almost identical) including the letterpress typeset tricycle and text-type. Several were probably given as gifts as is my habit, others are filled with sketches, schemes, doodles and musings. The paper stock used in the block was not robust enough to handle paints or scrapbooking per se.

Plenty more artifacts created during this time, perhaps other will appear in subsequent documentation.

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