Scrapbook conundrum (considerations with Audrey Hepburn)

A strange conundrum I face when finishing a batch of scrap/note/journals is: which to keep for myself.

Much of the joy – along with the meditative calm – comes from giving them to other people, especially when there is some characteristic which makes the match obvious.

But, like paintings, each becomes like a wee child for which I am careful to ensure a good home.

In this case, I’ve kept a large-sized beauty featuring a cover made from two calendar pages from an Audrey Hepburn calendar.

She is edged with Chinese New Year’s Joss paper and strengthened with a slice from a board game in which a plumed Marshall and a mustachioed Capt. watch over her.

Like all of them, the binding is sewn with green hemp twine in a three hole Japanese technique, including a backer board, which in this case is cut from a board game called “Adventure”and features a slice of the South Atlantic Ocean.

I use black binding tape, or hockeytape to clean up the back edges, then wrap blue handmade Mulberry and rice paper to cover up the binding and provide extra strength and protection.

The block of paper is critical of course and I’ve loaded this up with a sandwich of pink and gray card stock.

Basically this journal is indestructible, grips nicely on the pen and provides inspiration all over.

I’ve also broke into a “Kings Peak Porter” Uinta brewing sixpack-covered, smaller size notebook for lists and portability.

Whatcha think?