#daveo50 (spectacles, various, vol. 2 / modern collection)

#daveo50 (spectacles, various, vol. 2 / modern collection)

Spectacles (modern collection) / with accessories 

I’ve bought boats for optometrists
Trying to see more clear

Paid for orthodontists
for kids of ophthalmologists

Sent the work of opticians
to unknown recipients

Examined construction of lens
from a bifocals dented nose

Understood refraction more than options
conglomerates of industrial design

Still evidence glinty abounds
enough to make a mobile


Personal Archeology – #daveo50 (spectacles, various, vol. 1 / classical collection)
Daily Ephemera, Oddities, Artifacts, Mementos, etc
2020 6.26 ~ 8.16 

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