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Artifacts (youngtime): with Santa / Obviously *thrilled*, location unrecalled 

Obviously *thrilled* (despite super snappy outfit), location unrecalled, circa 1980?


Artifacts (youngtime): Class Photos, vol. 1 – Harold Bishop Elementary, K-4

Class photos from Harold Bishop Elementary School in Surrey (Guildford), BC, Canada. Note: i’m the one in specs (the *only* one) and styling outfits, often sitting with girls or in the “goalie position”.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Kindergarten, Ms. Jones

My best pal Chris Goodman is the one with the blonde bowl haircut, buddy Gordie is in the K & 3/4 photos too. A few other faces i recognize including Anita, Erica, Sandy, Cliff… I lived at 10545 154th street (which was unpaved then) and walked to school about 20 minutes.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 1, Mrs. Johnson

Note: Grade 3 seems missing…  Mrs. Johnson was also the teacher if i recall correctly.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 3/4 (split class), Mr. Mecham


Mementos: Authour Nick Bantock (of Griffin & Sabine etc fame)

Mixed Media Artist + Author Nick Bantock (of Griffin and Sabine etc fame) and Dave (me)

Not too many mixed media masters creating ephemera-laden epistolary literature weaving intriguing mysterious relationships, international intrigue, and postcards.

That gets a smile out of this lad – still with a heavy heart. I took my mom’s copy of his book “Griffin and Sabine” and he provided a most wonderful signature with stamps of various kinds.

Such healing and respect. More to share about encounters with this gent.

Ascots are awsum…

Ascots are awsum as evidenced in this grade 12 yearbook photo which I saw yesterday for first time.

Ascots are awsum as evidenced in this grade 12 yearbook photo which I saw yesterday for first time.

I had dropped out and attending Utah Valley Community College but went in for the yearbook photo.

I’d never seen the evidence until visiting pal Cory DeMille in Las Vegas.

Note I used another last name while sequestered in Utah for part of grade 10 & 11 after moving for various schools in Surrey.

Orem High was like an Archie comic book with pep rallies & all that American school stuff.

Between brother Bob Olson & aforementioned Cory and other renegades, we caused all sorts of commotion from raising giant condoms on the flag pole, covering halls with messages of support for MLKJr day and running a rogue campaign for Paul Moody for dictator of the school.

Anyhow, ascots. Love em. Oh and my specs & safari coat are fine accessories as well.