Collection: Hitch-hiking signs (variety, Europe)

Surviving artifacts from hitch-hiking around Germany and Netherlands, 1992, assembled and documented (there were many more). Annotations seem unnecessary but added nevertheless.

Hitch-hiking to Holland
Hitch-hiking to Holland (note: adding “bitte” German for please, adds a nice touch, as does the peace sign – obviously a school notebook with crayon
Heading to Landau, Germany
Heading to Landau, Germany (en route to Rhodt unter Reitburg) – again school notebook with crayon and peace sign

KA stands for Karlsruhe (Germany)
KA stands for Karlsruhe (Germany) – decades later, i enjoyed showing this artifact to a young work intern who hailed from this city
to Autobahn E-35
to Autobahn E-35 / no secret Germany’s highway system is efficient and complex, for hitching, you need to get to the right on-ramp/autobahn or all is lost (think this was after my spell travelling with Bad Yodellers)

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