Noticed: Kei-trucks and loads at Tsuchida Station

The arborist returns home from work with a fully laden Kei-truck / Try to fit allll that in your Ford/Chevy/Dodge *monster* truck >> 650cc on the dime, 5 speed, 4WD!

PS firewood for nighhhhhts / Will need a bucking and splitting weekend in the fall though

Kei-Trucks & Loads at the Tsuchida Station construction site

As it goes, yesterday were 9 different trucks and vans coming and going from the house – electricians, gas fitters, carpenters, painters, oversee’rs, architect, etc etc.

Noticed some of the fellas had custom-made organizers in back of the van – i complimented of course and they guffawed saying how lousy it all is (very Japanese :)).

Also noted the guys with huge jumbled messes in their trucks, also worthy of documentation.

May look chaotic but these guys know their gear

Carrying on from Noticed: Kei-trucks at the cottage (+ couple more)


Few more well-organized and otherwise interesting vans documented from the construction project. These fellows were here to install the heat pump/air conditioners on June 30.

Note: The white van in the picture is a Toyota HiAce roughly +10% size/footprint as a Volkswagen Vanagon >> great size to convert into a camping van.

The blue car/cube/van is a Honda Kei (& such cute!)

A “non-kei” size van with a nice assortment of gear, flanked by an couple of standard issue units. note url for our builders

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