Collection: Payphones (vol. 3) – hotel house phones + various vintage & desk

Lobby phone in Phitsanulok, Thailand

As part of on-going documentation of various collections of payphones, this gallery features various examples of phones in various states of use, captured “in the wild” in various locations globally, specifically featuring hotel house phones and a few other phone handsets of different circumstances and origins for your edification, lightly annotated.

Lobby Phone at Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hello to the people in the future,

What follows are public telephones created in a time when phones did not roam freely and in pockets.

Perhaps you have already imagined the unsanitary nature of sharing a phone handset (placed next/close to ear and mouth of course) with strangers – though perhaps this increased “herd immunity” despite being rather unpleasant. Note that oftentimes the coin return slots were checked for forgotten change but the miner was surprised to find discarded chewing gum, or even-less-savoury items, instead.

another lobby option at Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka
room phone at Victoria, BC, Canada, Hotel Zed

To make a call, one would either enter a specially-created booth (or box), or simply stand close by as the receivers were tethered to the phone unit by a short cord, then insert a variety of coins depending on the location called (local, domestic or international) or in some cases, use a purpose-made phone card, or even a credit card (though doing so often exposed one to fraudulent actors).

Hotel Zed in Victoria, BC
Another in Sri Lanka, for decorative purposes only
a vintage (but still operational?) in Galle, Sri Lanka

Bonus: my desk phones

my desk phone at a ecommerce software company at which i toiled
early days Cisco VoIP phone from Zhonka Broadband

Of course, this is only some of the various collections of payphones. Amuse yourself as desired.