Items, assembled: Sanur (books, coffee)

Coffee in Sanur
Not shockingly, some fine coffee available in Sanur, Indonesia

I purchased some books and cards and other oddities at Hardy’s , Sanur, then went to the nearby café to review purchases – a varoety of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and reference about Bali and nearby Malay peninsula for the first part. Worked through some, some are intolerable. The “Indonesia and Not, Poems and Otherwise” is BY FAR the pick of the litter, really something special. 

stack em up, see what ya got
Always happy to see a quality espresso machine, ready for action
Indonesia and Not, Poems and Otherwise by Max Lane

some lovely small greeting cards
The Devil’s Garden by Nigel Barley
Island of Bali by Miguel Covarrubias
A House in Bali by Colin McPhee
Love and Death in Bali by Vicky Baum (foreword by Nigel Barley)

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