Signs in the Wild, vol. 2: Missing! Royal Chihauha, Parrot called Ducky + Budgie & Robot

so fancy, this chihauha is “royal” – how does one tell?

Oftentimes, I come across signs which are interesting, amusing or occasionally useful, or maybe just aesthetically curious or intriguing. Not funny *per se* but mildly amusing, accidentally inspiring, or possibly crafty. 

Here are some, i have others, suppose this means *yet another series*. Here we go:

signs on top of signs / do you ask for Ducky when you call?

I don’t remember where any of were seen/photographed, well maybe I do for some… but then i’d face a problem of incompleteness and inconsistency, so… what follows is an un-annotated, non-geo-located, and un-credited assortment and purely for archival amusement purposes.

definitely not a joke, no matter how much you laugh

{Though in this case, some were seen/documented in Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood in 2007, though other were not, carry on}

Your enjoyment is important to me. Remix as desired.

even advice for subduing the budgie. how does one know if it is *the* budgie?
Oh dear Mocha, never giving up hope
Lilly, sideways and everything, you are missed
Has only one eye, who needs more?
Black Cat, photo not required
Bike, looks like this, i hope the little girl was reunited

meanwhile months later… Mike, how did it turn out?

Whatcha think?