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Signs in the Wild – Death Society Meeting and Dancing Unit

Often, I find signs interesting, amusing or occasionally useful or just aesthetically curious or intriguing. Here are some, i have others. These are from Sri Lanka.

Change (its possible)

Hope (for Mocha)

Sign in the Wild – Reformatory Honor Work Camp

Important – some somewhat instructional – signs, scattered in various places in Colorado, 2015

Signs in the Wild – You and me against the world

Not all prophets write on the subway cars…
Some of these notes are truth – indeed not all #prophets write on the subway cars, some choose cardboard or other substrates yet the medium & message are equally compelling the message is the medium.

Hand-crafted directional advisements

Handcrafted design inspiration – simple, clear, colourful. .

Nude bathers at springs #sign

#truth #wander #wonder #rotenburo #church
Diamond Fork, Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah


Does a bylaw/rule count if not painted with accuracy and completeness? #signs

New Year’s Wish: Anarchy and Peace and Love #2017

New Year’s Wish: Anarchy and Peace and Love #2017