Signs in the Wild, vol. 0: Death Society Meeting, Dancing Unit, Calmly please

Death Society – no one seems to be showing up

Oftentimes, I come across signs which are interesting, amusing or occasionally useful, or maybe just aesthetically curious or intriguing. Not funny *per se* but mildly amusing, accidentally inspiring, or possibly crafty. 

Here are some, i have others, suppose this means *yet another series*. Here we go:

Dancing Unit

These are (as i recall) from Sri Lanka but otherwise un-annotated, non-geo-located, and un-credited assortment and purely for archival amusement purposes.

Please be calmly and quietly. Thank you.

Your enjoyment is important to me. Remix as desired.

This is a place of National Significance
Keep Discipline
B52 Night Club and Stallion Pub (Planet Claire and Bill & Ted can all hang out)
Pharmacists – Foreign Prescriptions A Specialty (intrigued and reflected)
The Map Room (i have a map drawer)
This Way (can’t be wrong)