Signs in the Wild, vol. 1: Actions, Beauty, Kindness, Love, Grace, Celebrate, Hugs

who needs action when you got paint

Oftentimes, I come across signs which are interesting, amusing or occasionally useful, or maybe just aesthetically curious or intriguing. Not funny *per se* but mildly amusing, accidentally inspiring, or possibly crafty. 

Here are some, i have others, suppose this means *yet another series*. Here we go:

you are beautiful

I don’t remember where any of were seen/photographed, well maybe I do for some… but then i’d face a problem of incompleteness and inconsistency, so… what follows is an un-annotated, non-geo-located, and un-credited assortment and purely for archival amusement purposes.

practice kindness, own you sht

Your enjoyment is important to me. Remix as desired.

may all that is unlived in you blossom into a future graced with love
free hugs free hugs free hugs free hugs
i <3 you

Whatcha think?