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“Scenic Tours” Moab, Utah etc, 1987 / mixed media collage

volkswagen static montage
“Scenic Tours” Moab, Utah etc, 1987 / mixed media collage

“Runaway” Caye Caulker, Belize, 2001 / mixed media collage

"Runaway" Caye Caulker, Belize, 2001 / mixed media collage
“Runaway” Caye Caulker, Belize, 2001 / mixed media collage

Canada needs a tropical province…

I really think Canada needs a tropical province or a relationship with a tropical republic, or possibly a “special relationship” with a former commonwealth country like Belize. Can we adopt?

Think of all the money which goes from Canada to Mexico or the southern United States each year. Could be put to better use and help an emerging country find its feet.

And no, I am not talking about “colonies” which the US often calls territories or protectorates including Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana islands, American Samoa… These folks get to vote for Congress person but their Congress person does not get to vote in Congress. How is this acceptable? #Digression

My reasons are somewhat selfish and not with my current health and syndromes, cold rainy weather sucks and running away to warmer foreign countries causes contention with various agencies and so on…


Neal Cropper The Turks Caicos islands have asked to be annexed by Canada on the past I believe.

Dave: Read the article and video and wow, like no information except naysaying. and “oh we’ll have to ask the queeen to surrender her asset” ?? wtf is this still colonial times? and John Baird dismissing it out of hand prob because he’s not a paid consultant for T&C. This needs proper consideration and discourse, not dismissal out of hand. The money alone which is leaked to US/Mexico is ridiculous. And this doesn’t have to be a province or territory per se, more like a “common law” relationship, than a marriage.

Drug Test Resistance in Belize – Choogle on #73

On back porch, Uncle Weed shares a personal message to the chooglers international followed by a spiel about tactics to resist a golf course incident induced corporate drug test using vigilance, friendly lawyers, a trip to Belize w/ broken wrist, and Tolstoy’s War + Peace.

Pack your bags for: Drug Test Resistance in Belize – Choogle on #73 (.mp3, 36MB, 38:45)

Drug Test Resistance in Belize - Choogle on #73

More about Drug testing and Privacy

Report on Privacy Issues in Workplace Drug Testing (.pdf) & Drug Testing issues chart (.doc) by Dave Olson circa 2003

Caye Caulker, Belize 2001 – photoset


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Travel Info

Go Caye Caulker, Belize

Ignacio’s Beach Cabins (cheap and rustic) on Caye Caulker:

Name: Reuben Reyes
Email: reyesreubenreyes (at) yahoo (dot) com
Email2: ignaciobeachcabins (@) yahoo (dot) com
Telephone: 501-226-0175
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1169
Belize City
Belize District

From BelizeLouge:

Ignacio’s Beach Cabins is well south of the main Caye Caulker village area. You won’t have many neighbors so it could be extremely relaxing, but that also means buying something at the village store or having more than one or two restaurants to choose from is a 10-15 minute walk to the north. The airstrip is about 5 minutes walk to the south, so it’s convenient if you are flying in and out.

From Belize Toucan Trail:

“Ignacio’s Cabins were opened in 1978 with just five units, an outhouse, bucket showers and cost BZ $3 a night! While the bathroom situation, number of units, and price has changed, not much else has. The main draw for this accommodation is that each private cabin has its own veranda with a view of the sea. Rooms are basic, hot water may be sporadic and it?s a bit of a walk from the village, but there is a private dock and an artificial reef off the dock for snorkeling. There is a small book collection in the main office for your leisure reading. There are a variety of prices depending on the size and location of the cabin, i.e. front or back and a two night minimum stay is required. These wooden cabanas have survived storms and hurricanes and thousands of budget travelers.”

“Ignacio Reyes was a fisherman and decided to open up the accommodation in the late 1970’s. Ignacio is the grandson of Luciano Reyes, one of the original settlers of Caye Caulker. Today, the hotel is managed by Ignacio’s children, primarily his son Ruben.”

“HempenLife” Guam etc, 1996 / mixed media collage (with David White)

"Hemp o Rama" Guam etc, 1996 / mixed media collage (with David White)
“Hemp o Rama” Guam etc, 1996 / mixed media collage (with David White)