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Deep Cuts of Weed in Guam – Choogle On! #125

Beginning with a static-y 1996 AM radio interview during a power outage on the island of Guam Micronesia, then checking in from a goat farm in Japan decades later, then again from tiny isle in Indonesia, Uncle Weed weaves hempen stories and personal anecdotes about life on this remote USA “territory” including: selling hemp bags at Jeff’s Pirate Cove, advocating for legalization of cannabis in all forms, weird jobs (and quitting same), and current situation as Grassroots activists seek to fulfil will of voters for medical and recreational uses.

Ensure you have batteries for: Deep Cuts of Weed in Guam – Choogle On! #125 (.mp3, 192k stereo, 97MB, 1:10:33)

Namechecks include:

  • DJ / gracious hostess Kelly Craine (Crane?)
  • Industrial Hemp and Hemp Horizons (books by John Roulac)
  • Hemp for Victory (book by Kenyon Gibson)
  • Cannabis Culture magazine
  • Heads Lifestyle magazine
  • Journal of International Hemp Association
  • King Tana of Samoa
  • Hempstead
  • Hempy’s
  • Grassroots Guam & exec director Andrea and Let’s Be Blunt

Jobs at: SS Neptune, JFK High School, Star Sand Private Beach Club and Uncle Weed’s HempenWare

Anecdotes about cannabis use in: BC, Netherlands, Japan, Palau, and Federation States of Micronesia/Saipan (or is that Commonwealth of…), cloth from China and Hungary

Plus call-in question by: my Mom, Lauralee Elliottt (RiP)

Snippets of music from: Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Bad Religion, Black Crowes, Talking Heads

Original music by boat captain Chris Jacobsen (Spilt Milk Music) and a story about Shabba Ranks and greetz from Black Ras in Westmoreland, Jamaica… and bespoke outro music by Bex (Lonesome Lost Traveler).

Thanks to John Bollwitt (audio tuning), David White (photo collage) and mysterious Japanese surfer girl 

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Making Great Swag – soliloquy on a trail, part 3

Dave (L) and Richard Loat shoot swag from atop the Hootbus at SxSW HootHockey event in 2012
Dave (L) and Richard Loat shoot swag from atop the Hootbus at SxSW HootHockey event in 2012 (photo by ?)

Creating memorable, keep-able promotional items can enhance your brand / campaign rather than getting tossed out. On a hiking trail, Dave shares “rules” and considerations from experience, including many examples and anecdotes, ergo:


  • Light enough to travel
  • Photo-op-able
  • Sizes suck
  • Quality goods
  • Metaphorically yours
  • Will it fly?
  • Thrifty for lots
  • If you’ve seen it before, don’t do it


  • Scarves (muted design, subtlely design, useful in chill too)
  • Flags (simple design, sized to fold, wear like a cape, bonus for decorating event)
  • Beer coozies (low cost, party-friendly, connect to home)
  • Passports (independence, handy for notes, interactive)
  • Pins and stickers (easy giveaways, make a bundle for excitement, mailable, each unique)
  • Temp tattoo (inspired by Sailor Jerry rather than just a logo)
  • Masks (remixed from users, great for events, provides interactive activity)
  • Plush owls (remixed from user, take like a traveling gnome, shoot from cannon!)

Other Considerations: 

  • Design for your audience and crew
  • Workshirts with patches + bandanas
  • Swag-box exchange and unboxing
  • Budget guidelines
  • Making best t-shirts

Breaking rules:

  • Lighters and pint glasses with etched logo (renegade “hippie” culture)
  • Coasters (allowed us to leave bread crumbs, bars/restaurants find useful)

Recorded spontaneously in May 2013 on Varley Trail, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

Listen to: Making Great Swag – soliloquy on a trail, part 3 (23:37, 192k mp3, 37MB)