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I Remain (Middle-aged punk)

I’ve finally
slept all night
and sort of
feeling right

i thought
i’d feel sad
but you’re gone
and i’m feeling  nothing but glad

I’d decided
that it might
be better
to give up the fight

When you and me broke
and at first I’ll admit
to no one else but you
it sucked more than a bit

But now you’re far
and i’m perplexed
but have time to think
when i’m not wrecked

Told myself
i’m better off
without the hassle
and all of the strife


You left
i stayed
in this life
we made

You split
i remained
but i’m convinced
i’m not ashamed


You said
you’ll move on
by the befuddlement
you left behind


Time is Now (Adolescent punk)


He raises his
arms in triumph
celebrating nothing
but mirth and mischief


Youth gone-astray
by indifference
must grab the reins
of resistance


The time is now
to take a stand
not by force but by
by circumstance


go prove yourself
able to hang
with the worthy praise
of the generations
victory is ours
for taking
if we don’t buy into the
crap they are slinging


The time is now
take a  stand
be yourself
not a brand-

New anecdote
or target eyes
separate yourself 
and don’t believe their lies


spiraling down
Imagine dumbing down
is not allowed


Storied chants
you’re standing tall
complacency thwarted
after all


Curiousity sometimes
gets the best of me
but it always
gets the worst

Sometimes when
i take a chance
i’m left with nothing
but my pants

Other times
i end up somehwere
that takes a while to tell
whether i’m in trouble here
or if i’m doing well


But most the time
I just guess yes
and turn the tightest

Maybe you’ll find something more
if you take the easy score
toiling hard with a back-up plan
to me it sounds like a scam

Other times
i hunker down
play it safe
try not to break a bone


These are the times
to think about
how to keep
stay on a roll

Undaunted, Eliza


At least a decade before
The turn of the century
I hopped the queue
At the port authority


Slept a few hours
On a bench made for two
Then ride a bus to nowhere
To catch a glimpse of you


Battered suitcase filled with scraps
Disguised with stickers
Of places i’ve never gone
Atlantic miles pass by
Headlands and bold freighters
Think the Conductor tells me
“Hold fast, won’t be long”


Locations noted to circumvent
While i’m awed by your tenacity
Wondering who you’ve become
While confused by your mystery


Just a beat down wanderer
Searching for a home
Settle for a sense of calm
So i don’t feel so alone


Don’t ramble by choice
Not casting pearls to swine
Secret about my whereabouts
Just trying to waste more time


Nurse a sugared coffee
To avoid sideways rain
Ride a ferry, steal a bike
Too slow for hopping trains


Have a two-for ‘hound ticket
If you’ll come along
Where are you Eliza?
I’ve wondered all nightlong


Sat still to gaze at harbours
At a land, long since found
By norsemen, ghosts and trappers
Privateers approved by the crown


Gaggles stroll by laughing
Ignoring my weary fears
Will you come come for me dear lady?
When will you find me here?


Until i hold you closely
I’ll just ramble aimless
Undaunted, bound for nowhere
Holding a torch to remain obvious

Parallel Parked (for Lemmy)

Double parked
on a parallel highway
Broke down and hazy
on an alternate byway

I called out to God
Odin and Buddha
all i learn’d is
they all are much taller

Parallel parked in an
galactic spacepod
Where mustangs roam freely
if you promise to return

Floating far above any water
drinking only mud and mire
chasing fireflies in ditches
tangled cactus and barbwire

I’ll build up a lost slab
a hut of cow dung and roadkill
i’ll meditate on the lizards
and what for the return signal

Magnolias and hibiscus
it’s was sure nice to meet us
i’ll send live oak telegrams
with greetings from the forge

Wildflower, for Foster (song)

Words by Dave Olson with Mikael Lewis written in Pokhara, Nepal
Music, vocals, guitars Mikael Lewis, recorded in Utah, USA


Wildflower (for Foster)

Foster can you tell me
where the hell you left those tapes?
I was riffing on my first guitar
you were mouthing poetry scapes

I’d go to visit your gravesite
but I’d hate to waste that precious hour
you don’t belong in flat mown lawn
when you are a wildflower

Recorded in my parent’s basement
our earnest, green, unflinching truth
unaware that three short years later
you’d be cashing in on your youth

Don’t need to pour one out for you
or leave a fat one rolled
I’ll just light the signal fires
To make sure your story is told
The tale of the wildflower

I ignored their useless platitudes
self-serving, cliched and quaint
You and I both know what the truth is
And so I share this brief lament

I visit you atop the mountain
Where freedom lives and truth is found
When morning light first hits that meadow
I’ll have proof that the wildflower lives

April 1 & 2, 2017
Words by Dave Olson and Mikael Lewis
Music by Mikael Lewis


Nothing New

Nothing new about
Night trains
Bound for
Pointsward south

Nothing surprising
About you leaving
Just how
It all went down

I still keep
Not so smartly
Your kissing photo
On my stupid phone

What i thought
Was a seductive kiss
Was the start of
A long goodbye

I loved you
And i suppose
that’s not my
only problem

You can erase my
Barrage of text messages
And delete me from your stream
But i know i’ll always haunt you
On all the days between

Can’t make up for my
True affections
Shown sleeping under
Desert stars

You will know how it feels
To be haunted by the kindest ghost
Nothing mysterious
Or creepy about me
I’m just the one you’ll miss the most

I’ve followed your directions
And recipes for lucid dreaming
Put the rocks in careful circles
Sprigs rounding the
Waxy candles burning

Following You

I’m sticking with you
whoever we are
i’m following you

Leaping and bounding
scrambling to be
nearer to you

You gave me a capsule
and said stay right beside me
as you scampered away

I scrambled to find you
floating above me
suitcases for ballast
and taking on air

Pixie blond hair
like a maiden from Norseland
i’m broke down and achey

Reef swimming
with sharks and 2 joints inside me
stare down at the abyss
where no one can find me
except turtles, rays and you

So i’m following you
believing in you
and will  start a religion
where they chant your name
your space name, or earth name
no matter to me
the reality you emerged from is what amused me

Busted down again on
and endless roadway
i’d gap the points
but haven’t a match book
to save me
while waiting for you
to come find me again

Because i’m following you
wherever you come from
zeros and ones
or rockslide survivor

i don’t see auras
but i do see clouds
which are chasing me


V 1

After so long in the wilderness

I finally saw your smoke signal

Heard the spark light the kindling

Cracking like a starting pistol

V 2

For so long now we’ve remained

stretched across the planet

We’ve stared at different stars

Perched on mountains of granite


All it took was

A few short words

To remind me why i’ve waited

Why I’m patient

when you’re nowhere near

Cause you got me…

You got me activated

V 3

I wonder where we’ll meet again

Will it be a coincidence?

Or a plan artfully crafted –

Across a vast distance

V 4

I imagine you still care

About as much as i do

Even if i’m mistaken

I’ll do everything i need to

V 5

Crossing deserts or climbing mountains

Crossing steepest valleys

But for now not much to do

But wander through dirty alleys

V 6

I picture you somewhere

A queen in a king size bed

Is there room for me in there

At last together instead

Wildflower (for Foster)


Foster can you tell me
where you left the tapes
me on my first guitar
you riffing poetic escapes


We hit record in parent’s basement
our earnest, unflinching truth
unaware three years later
you’d cashed in on your youth


I’d go visit your gravesite
but i’d waste precious hour
you don’t belong in flat mown lawn
when you are a wildflower

don’t need to pour one out for you
or leave a fat one rolled
i’ll just light the signal fires
to make sure your story’s told


Im equally cynical
about magic, myths and cults
check your religion elsewhere
unless about happiness
but every once in a while
i’ll catch a shimmering eye
an elder mountain lady
or a wizened, grizzled father
I notice your mischievous gleam
seeking intelligence
and think reincarnation
might not be what we think
you didn’t come back a baby
a persian cat or sacred cow
instead we are added
to something bigger than ourselves
another log on a funeral pyre
sparks of you glint forever
illuminating something strange
like spores inoculating an old growth root
or lighting when there is no rai


smartest kid in high school
verified by federal agents
a useless accolade your discovered
and sought a slanting tangent


eschewed all the scholarships
bored by any constraints
split westward like we dreamed
and landed in the Haight


i ignored their useless platitudes
self serving, cliched and quaint
“was taken from us far too soon” they moan
when their missing your whole point


you didn’t mean to leave per se
but no one took you away
your charted your own course
regardless of consequenc


quick neighbourhood update
the horse kicked others besides you
found in gas station bathroom stalls
still and already turning blu


not sure what you were lacking
or seeking with your experiment
it’s not on me to judge my friend
only to share this brief lament