V 1

After so long in the wilderness

I finally saw your smoke signal

Heard the spark light the kindling

Cracking like a starting pistol

V 2

For so long now we’ve remained

stretched across the planet

We’ve stared at different stars

Perched on mountains of granite


All it took was

A few short words

To remind me why i’ve waited

Why I’m patient

when you’re nowhere near

Cause you got me…

You got me activated

V 3

I wonder where we’ll meet again

Will it be a coincidence?

Or a plan artfully crafted –

Across a vast distance

V 4

I imagine you still care

About as much as i do

Even if i’m mistaken

I’ll do everything i need to

V 5

Crossing deserts or climbing mountains

Crossing steepest valleys

But for now not much to do

But wander through dirty alleys

V 6

I picture you somewhere

A queen in a king size bed

Is there room for me in there

At last together instead

Whatcha think?