Undaunted, Eliza


At least a decade before
The turn of the century
I hopped the queue
At the port authority


Slept a few hours
On a bench made for two
Then ride a bus to nowhere
To catch a glimpse of you


Battered suitcase filled with scraps
Disguised with stickers
Of places i’ve never gone
Atlantic miles pass by
Headlands and bold freighters
Think the Conductor tells me
“Hold fast, won’t be long”


Locations noted to circumvent
While i’m awed by your tenacity
Wondering who you’ve become
While confused by your mystery


Just a beat down wanderer
Searching for a home
Settle for a sense of calm
So i don’t feel so alone


Don’t ramble by choice
Not casting pearls to swine
Secret about my whereabouts
Just trying to waste more time


Nurse a sugared coffee
To avoid sideways rain
Ride a ferry, steal a bike
Too slow for hopping trains


Have a two-for ‘hound ticket
If you’ll come along
Where are you Eliza?
I’ve wondered all nightlong


Sat still to gaze at harbours
At a land, long since found
By norsemen, ghosts and trappers
Privateers approved by the crown


Gaggles stroll by laughing
Ignoring my weary fears
Will you come come for me dear lady?
When will you find me here?


Until i hold you closely
I’ll just ramble aimless
Undaunted, bound for nowhere
Holding a torch to remain obvious

Whatcha think?