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Art Might Get Lonely

Might Get Lonely - Reap Rewards
Might Get Lonely – Reap Rewards

{With talk these days of the fleeting nature of social media “success” and [purchasing flase attention and affection… i offer these thoughts adding to a conversation sparked by Wayne Shaddow} Take it if you need it, if not, just let it go.

Art makes the future, make for yourself first – if you dont “feel it” dont waste your time.

Channel a mix of joy and anguish and mix with honesty. Dont cheat yourself or any potential audience.

Don’t pander and don’t “give em what they want” – this process might get lonely, you will see other “enjoy” the buzz of immediate attention but this is a sugar-rush which likely doesn’t last long.

Instead, prepare yourself for the long haul of making creations which will inspire the generation behind you. There are wee doppleganger of you growing up, struggling with identity and understanding – maybe in school or maybe in retirement – you seek (unwittingly perhaps) exactly what you are capable of creating.

Visualize them if you desire an audience and then share your work, standing behind your creation with integrity, and let the audience breathe life and meaning into your offerings. Your rewards will come in mysterious way, not unlike the mysterious red envelopes of Chinese New Year tradition.

Diary: Supplements, Pancakes, Whitecaps

For the record, along with pancakes, I’m taking B12, B complex, beta glucan, coenzyme Q10, D3, Lutein, magnesium, fish oil, K2 & 50b cultures

The secret for awesome pancakes revealed: use self rising flour and a splash of Pilsner and don’t make them all thick.

Making my long awaited return to cheer on #WhitecapsFC.

If I’ve learned anything from @SedSimon, it’s to eat pancakes on big days. Mixing up a batch now with blueberries.

I’m not match fit yet but medically stable and looking forward to three points! Feeling super grateful for support of friends and feeling of improving #healing #Grateful #friends #love #patience