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Listening to Sea – Postcard #74

Pod cover – Postcards from Gravelly Beach 74 – Listening to Sea (suez canal)

Ship-to-shore transmissions with shortwave broadcasts from elusive listening posts, soundscapes from slow ships, and freeverse poetry about unanswered communiques, transitory conditions, arbitrary citizenships, invented geography, de-identification, and intentional disappearance.

Features music: “Dream World” by Matt Harding from NYOSSS (New York, Orem, San Sebastian, & Shanghai), plus various shortwave broadcasts of dubious origin, and sound samples from oceans (recorded by Dave and others via BBC sound archive).

Tune the shortwave  receiver for: Listening to Sea – Postcard #74
(20MB, 14:50, 192k mp3, stereo)

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Time is Now (Adolescent punk)


He raises his
arms in triumph
celebrating nothing
but mirth and mischief


Youth gone-astray
by indifference
must grab the reins
of resistance


The time is now
to take a stand
not by force but by
by circumstance


go prove yourself
able to hang
with the worthy praise
of the generations
victory is ours
for taking
if we don’t buy into the
crap they are slinging


The time is now
take a  stand
be yourself
not a brand-

New anecdote
or target eyes
separate yourself 
and don’t believe their lies


spiraling down
Imagine dumbing down
is not allowed


Storied chants
you’re standing tall
complacency thwarted
after all

Nowhere to Call

Where am i supposed to find you?
Have we waited past our penance?
Satisfied society’s requirements of transitions
To avoid hushed voices?

I’ve no more canals to transit
Seas of each colour crossed
20 words in 30 languages
Origami wallet with flotsam of currencies
Bordering between souvenir and re-entry ease
Dusty rucksack with light wool suit, Arab robe, sleeping costume, swim pants
And another notebook
Full with soliloquies about you
And questions for you

The ship to shore radio
Apparently operational
But i’ve nowhere to call
No one to call

Only wonder
How will you find me here?
As my location is unknown
Though charted, i assume

Items: Forgotten in Drawers, Vol. 1 – handmade chapbook covers

A collection of chapbooks called “Items: Forgotten in Drawers” made in 2017 from handwritten poetry created in Asia, Arabia, Mediterranean, then (roughly) transcribed and printed in BC, cut and glued to vintage hotel stationery in Montréal, bulk printed and collated in Vegas, assembled in Utah, and given as gifts for my birthday. Each one hand-cut/stitched and (obviously) uniquely finished with stamps (postal and inky), with affection.  Run of 12 if I recall, most documented here. Turns out this collection is “Volume 1” as more similar collection have followed.

Items: Forgotten in Drawers, Vol. 1 – chapbook 7
Items: Forgotten in Drawers, Vol. 1 – chapbook 7

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Greatest of Evils – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 2)

Greatest of Evils – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Greatest of Evils – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol.

This another hamlet…

This another hamlet
tucked in tight amongst
spruce, cedar, fir


from Hotsprings and Stubbed Toe, Occasional haiku… 1992-2004

Download Hot Springs and Stubbed Toe (.pdf)

Eyes Towards Europe – Postcard #73

Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Sparrow Cottage Mailbox

On a forgotten forest walk, Dave riffs a story about first trip to Europe – starting with trying not to puke over an Amsterdam bridge after a meeting new temporary coffee shop pals – with flashback to Mexican desert trips with Grandpa, LSD trips with VW bus-fixing pals, and family Grateful Dead road trip to in Arizona.

Foreshadows future stories of an rapid exit from London to Florida then a (rather dangerous) driveway car to Dallas, bus to SLC, flight to Vancouver, then to Japan…

Stuff your rucksack for: Eyes Towards Europe – Postcard #73
(54MB, 37:18, mp3, stereo)

Features music by Grateful Dead in Phoenix, Arizona, March 6, 1994, (Desert Sky Pavilion) playing “Eyes of the World” and “When I Paint my Masterpiece” via Archive.org, (taped by Mike Darby, transferred by Keo).

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Curiousity sometimes
gets the best of me
but it always
gets the worst

Sometimes when
i take a chance
i’m left with nothing
but my pants

Other times
i end up somehwere
that takes a while to tell
whether i’m in trouble here
or if i’m doing well


But most the time
I just guess yes
and turn the tightest

Maybe you’ll find something more
if you take the easy score
toiling hard with a back-up plan
to me it sounds like a scam

Other times
i hunker down
play it safe
try not to break a bone


These are the times
to think about
how to keep
stay on a roll

Tactility of Loss – Items: Forgotten in Drawers (vol. 3)

Tactility of Loss – Items: Forgotten in Drawers
Tactility of Loss – Items: Forgotten in Drawers