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Sort-ganizing Ephemera by Post (with Royal Dudes & the Muffs)

Yup, i ramble on about items arrived by post and think you should hang out (i’ll make tea)

Opening a big santa sack of recent items by post including aerogrammes/ aerograms, passports, international driver’s licenses, documents, hotel letterhead, records (namechecking recent interview on Rice Field Records), postcards, etc from Nepal, Monaco, East German DDR, probably i dunno… Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, United Nations, others i don’t quite understand.

Also mail from Ukraine which allows mention of intrepid postal workers delivering despite war and displacement, + blabbity blah about guest coming to visit, feeling discombobulated after #MECFS “crash  mode” – that’s it except the parts i forgot. Argh prob a ramble about the “passport forgery project” {recalling i riffed about taking “intimate documents” and adding life to them}

Bonus: Rice Field Records Interview

{this should and will be a separate bonus post but in the meanwhile…}

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Will my “Prince Charles elementary school” ribbons and certificates be upgraded?

Declined an invitation (which never arrived), had things to do around the house after all

However, thinking about how sharp I would’ve looked at the ceremony at Westminster Abbey yesterday with all these Royal accolades and badges spangled across my black morning suit with tails & a ceremonial hat of some sort. Pretty fancy & obv regal I think.

I just hope I would’ve been seated by the president of Moldova. She seems really sharp.

Question: do these “Prince” Charles ribbons get upgraded now?

Have my certificates become even more prestigious?

I need to know this to update my LinkedIn profile.

Letter: from “Mr. DF” / London, 2007

Artifact: Letter from “Mr. DF” / London, 2007
Note: this note started a few days of hi-jinks with Dopefiend and me and Max Freakout including a barrage of podcasts 

See also: Uncleweed on the Dopecast #80 in London – Dopefiend podcast (2007) + Joints on Brighton Beach with Dopefiend and Freakout – Choogle On! #38

Memento: Expo 86 “Royal Invitation”

Mementos: Expo 86 Royal Invitation, cover

World Fair/Exposition 1986 (EXPO 86) was a huge deal in my sorta homecity of Vancouver. I’m no royalist/monarchist but do love paper ephemera and artifacts – as such, here is one such item: a program/invitation booklet of United Kingdom royal family inviting folks to the event in an act of unnecessary hubris and pomp, but whatever, its a slice of history. 

Mementos: Expo 86 Royal Invitation, blurb
Mementos: Expo 86 Royal Invitation, program
Mementos: Expo 86 Royal Invitation, participants and acknowledgements
Mementos: Expo 86 Royal Invitation, back cover

Today(ish) to Observe (from bed) + Godzilla made of cicada husks

  • Canadian election
  • Japan Emperor enthronement
  • Brexit meltdown round x
  • oh the Kurds!
  • Revolutions and insurrections globally, various (esp Chile, Ecuador…)
  • other stuff probably

PS Lebanon, Israel, Hong Kong… i have coffee and a stack of books

Here is a Godzilla made of cicada husks.

Questions for Britons and various subjects, regarding locales

Ahoy UK, Britons, POMEs, and other soon-to-be subjects of Prince Charles, … As I now count myself amongst you (didn’t even have to take a quiz), i am curious about the remaining trinkets of the British Colonies and various protectorates etc.

Perchance could someone provide brief explanation about the following places, including: status within/out UK, within/out EU, who’s living there?, nice to visit? interesting to live? wicked tax haven? sunny (ha)? pound? fish and chips?

  • Falkland Islands
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Mann
  • UK Virgin Islands
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands
  • Monserrat
  • Gibraltar
  • etc (Pitcairn, Southern Sandwich, Turks Caicos, St. Helena, Accession…)
    + Any other perks, hacks and curiosities associated with my new standing (aside from the actually living in in England option ha ha. More likely the Outer Herbrides. Wait is that an option?

As Talking Heads (official), sing, “I got 3 passports/ plenty of visas/ don’t even know my real name”

Any stories which may lead to nefarious poetic adventures appreciated.

Share with non-obnoxious Anglo-philes and globe rambling pals.



Stewart Marshall Isle of Mann has its own parliament, rich history, Vancouver climate, excess motorcyclists , beautiful scenery, tailless cats and three legged men – what more could you want ?

Stewart Marshall Guernsey – best forgotten – probably should belong to France

Stewart Marshall Best recommendation is Isle of Thanet

Rylan Holey Monserrat is sadly not much anymore after it was pretty much decimated by a volcano. Gibraltar is a contentious one – but somewhere i want to visit – pretty much in Spain, but has red phone boxes!

No one talks about The Falklands (especially around Argentinians).

Rob Alderman Don’t mention the Falklands. I’m useless at this kind of stuff. However, have you looked into Jersey?

Jason Priestly Mostly tax havens except Falklands has sheep instead

Martin Donnelly Falklands is pretty difficult to get to though. From the UK at least. If you like your whisky then you’ll maybe want to check out Islay.

Bob Olson Don’t forget Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean

Jon Jennings Most of the Channel Islands have restrictions on living there/working there/owning property. I think Alderney is entirely Open Market but Jersey & Guernsey are split… a lot of the property is only available to qualified locals.
And if the Falklands are on the agenda, don’t forget South Georgia 

Jon Jennings South Georgia makes the Falklands look like a bustling metropolis. About 1000km SE of the Falklands, played a role in the Falklands War. I think population is entirely scientists… a couple of cruise ships visit but I’m not sure there’s capability for a civilian population.


Taxi Flashbacks Towards Gatwick – Postcard bonus

Ephemeral Feasthouse

In a collection of transitory reminiscences, Dave O rolls on from rainy North Van by taxi down venerable Granville St. down the spine of to YVR with indigenous dioramas. Then travels by plane to Gatwick Airport, continuing via train to Victoria Station, then by another taxi to Piccadilly Circus passing notable London sites along the way. And recapping visits to New York neighbourhoods, San Jose developments, importance of stimulating road literature, podcast faves, outstanding Vancouver activities, worthy podcasts, street music, thoughts on going with the flow, healthy breakfasts and provocative TV in London.

Flag a ride for: Taxi Flashbacks Towards Gatwick – Postcard bonus (.mp3, 58:08, 47MB)

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Meandering Past Monuments of Remembrance – Postcards #49

Pod cover - Postcards from Gravelly Beach - Meandering Past Monuments

Wrapping up the White Poppies for Remembrance series with a narrative late-night wander through Westminster, London, DaveO meanders past military monuments, victory squares, cenotaphs, palaces, royal parks, war museum, war chambers, riot fences, war protesters, churches, parliament and finishing at St. James park for a sitdown under a weeping willow to consider monarchy, individual rights and responsibilities, and the role of class division in waging war as London’s sirens, trains, and Big Ben fill the night.

Care for a stroll? Meandering Past Monuments of Remembrance – Postcards #49 (192k mp3, 34:19, 28MB)

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Promo for Max Freakout’s Psychonautica on Dopefiend.co.uk

Joints in Camden Town

My endless quest continues with me tidying up my massive stash of audio files before they ferment into too-heady a’ brew. This leads me today to a promo file for Max Freakout – a wise and adventurous chap living in Camden, the counter-culture conscience of London. From his flat – and environs around – earnest Max dispenses his knowledge of headtrips and philosophy alike for the eager multitudes tripping out to the Psychonautica podcast (with help from KMO in Arkansas) on the Dopefiend.co.uk podcast conglomerate.

Uncleweed Promo for Ma

You should just subscribe to his show (along with the rest on Dopefiend.co.uk) but for my own benefit, the clip is here.

Lounging in W. Norwood, Trips to Brighton, Wandering in Camden, …

Note to say i’ve fastidiously documented thick slices of my travels in London … Didn’t make it Scotland this time around but heaps of good times starting with staying at Piccadilly Circus in the midst of downtown chaos taking late night walks through famous sites, to lounging in a nice middle class neighborhood equipped with vaporizer to a proper English day trip to the seaside of free-wheeling Brighton and a herbal respite on a canal in Camden before an interview with an ex-pat author.

Around my toil, I managed dozens of hours of concentrated goodness in audio recordings including intrepid dark adventures past the new Globe Theater over Tower Bridge in the pouring rain en route to Cleopatra’s obelisk while Big Ben’s bonging 3AM – seems i didn’t record *allthatmuch* but ended up with a’ plenty – and even a decent stack of photos and video clips from the front row of a double decker bus. Yeah i am a sucker for thrill ride (heh).

A few appetizers perhaps?