Questions for Britons and various subjects, regarding locales

Ahoy UK, Britons, POMEs, and other soon-to-be subjects of Prince Charles, … As I now count myself amongst you (didn’t even have to take a quiz), i am curious about the remaining trinkets of the British Colonies and various protectorates etc.

Perchance could someone provide brief explanation about the following places, including: status within/out UK, within/out EU, who’s living there?, nice to visit? interesting to live? wicked tax haven? sunny (ha)? pound? fish and chips?

  • Falkland Islands
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Mann
  • UK Virgin Islands
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands
  • Monserrat
  • Gibraltar
  • etc (Pitcairn, Southern Sandwich, Turks Caicos, St. Helena, Accession…)
    + Any other perks, hacks and curiosities associated with my new standing (aside from the actually living in in England option ha ha. More likely the Outer Herbrides. Wait is that an option?

As Talking Heads (official), sing, “I got 3 passports/ plenty of visas/ don’t even know my real name”

Any stories which may lead to nefarious poetic adventures appreciated.

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Stewart Marshall Isle of Mann has its own parliament, rich history, Vancouver climate, excess motorcyclists , beautiful scenery, tailless cats and three legged men – what more could you want ?

Stewart Marshall Guernsey – best forgotten – probably should belong to France

Stewart Marshall Best recommendation is Isle of Thanet

Rylan Holey Monserrat is sadly not much anymore after it was pretty much decimated by a volcano. Gibraltar is a contentious one – but somewhere i want to visit – pretty much in Spain, but has red phone boxes!

No one talks about The Falklands (especially around Argentinians).

Rob Alderman Don’t mention the Falklands. I’m useless at this kind of stuff. However, have you looked into Jersey?

Jason Priestly Mostly tax havens except Falklands has sheep instead

Martin Donnelly Falklands is pretty difficult to get to though. From the UK at least. If you like your whisky then you’ll maybe want to check out Islay.

Bob Olson Don’t forget Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean

Jon Jennings Most of the Channel Islands have restrictions on living there/working there/owning property. I think Alderney is entirely Open Market but Jersey & Guernsey are split… a lot of the property is only available to qualified locals.
And if the Falklands are on the agenda, don’t forget South Georgia 

Jon Jennings South Georgia makes the Falklands look like a bustling metropolis. About 1000km SE of the Falklands, played a role in the Falklands War. I think population is entirely scientists… a couple of cruise ships visit but I’m not sure there’s capability for a civilian population.


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