Uncle Weed’s Redrock Adventure – a storybook (part 13)

Uncle Weed's Redrock Adventure - part 13

They laid down, bellies full, beside their little fire and told stories. Bob and Otto told about the Arches and the cave they found while exploring. “Now you tell us a story, another good one,” the boys asked.

“Alright, alright. Once I had a job repairing lawnmowers and one day this guy comes in and says; ‘Well I reckon my valve cover gasket is blown to tarnation and my piston rings aren’t seating in the proper circumference in the cylinder which is resulting in an acute lack of synchronization in the timing, so as a result, the camshaft is opening the intake and exhaust valves on the wrong lobes causing premature wear on the crankshaft main bearing on account of the push-rod tubes spurting because the oil cooler isn’t. . .’ ”

“Uncle! We asked you for a good story!” The boys hollered.

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