Uncle Weed’s Redrock Adventure – a storybook (part 14)

Uncle Weed's Redrock Adventure - part 14

“What, you didn’t like that one?” Uncle Weed teased. “Well, here’s a good one, an important one in fact.”

Uncle Weed sat up to tell the story better and collect his thoughts. “Back when I was about your age, I think I was eleven, I went with my Dad on a trip to a place not too far away from here. Our friend Ed and his daughter, who was about my age, came along as well.

Before we left the city, we bought an old rubber dinghy at an Army-Navy surplus store and took just a couple bags of gear and the clothes on our back then pushed off a sandy bank into a beautiful, vibrant river. We floated down this cascading river for about two weeks.”

“Two weeks in a boat with a girl and the same clothes! Gross!” The boys squealed.

Whatcha think?