Uncle Weed on Dopefiend.co.uk’s Dopecast #221 (2010)

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On this week’s episode of the Web’s Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about how Canadian Prince of Pot Marc Emery has been sold out by his own government and faces five years in a US jail. … Next, the Dopefiend reads an intense email about cannabis and depression and tells the Dopetribe how to follow his advice and subscribe to the Dopefiend podcasts, before introducing Canadian hemp activist and cannabis podcaster Uncle Weed as he interviews Chef Boy-am-I-hungry about some methods of ingesting our secret sacrament at his own special spot in Mosquito Creek. In this week’s Cannabis News, Canadian police beat and bloody an innocent man in a botched drug raid, Florida bans bongs, Holland takes it’s bid to ban foreigners from coffeeshops to the European Court, a new group of pro-pot women is formed in Colorado, Detroit echos California’s move to legalize cannabis, LA orders over 400 dispensaries to close, while the campaign for full legalization gathers steam, and Texas police struggle to destroy all their impounded herb.

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