Toking and Traveling in Nippon – Choogle on #67

From a new backporch high on the mountain slopes, Uncle Weed talks about his collections of t-shirts and lighters and long-ago trips to Japan – then discusses stoner culture, legal penalties, and travel observations with a Japanese cannabis enthusiast who tells his favourite strains, how he met ganja in Japan, compares Vancouver and Amsterdam, and documents the many strains of BC bud enjoyed on his visit while eating curry rice.

Pack your satchel for Toking and Traveling in Nippon – Choogle on #67 (.mp3, 21:27, 20MB)

toking and travelin in nippon
wild Hokkaido cannabis – photographer unknown, arted up by UW

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3 thoughts on “Toking and Traveling in Nippon – Choogle on #67”

  1. Well empirical research suggests yes you can get high but the THC levels are less than the seedless equivalent.

    Good choice on Vancouver (though it ain’t cheap and small no more) but bear in mind, cannabis is not decriminalized in Vancouver (or anywhere in Canada for that matter) but it is “tolerated” meaning you are unlikely to get shook down for smoking a joint.

    However, big elections in the USA, Canada and Vancouver city mayoral race could change the picture for the better or worse.

  2. Hey, just listened to this particular podcast about weed in japan (hokkaido strain).

    Just curious though, are the THC levels really affected if there are a lot of seeds? Most buds here in my country, the Philippines have ALOT of seeds. Still, 2-3 blunt hits buzz me like hell. Like im actually a few inches off the ground.

    Oh and my family and I are actually a bit close to migrating over at Vancouver. Basically, all of our relatives are there and now, knowing that weed is decriminalized, i can’t wait! :)

    Nice blog btw. Keep it up. :)