Hemplobby – soon available in Lithuanian

I am communications director for hemplobby.org along with my amigo and erstwhile mentor, Hemp Ed. Anyhow, we get neat stuff in the (e)mail from time to time and this note from Lithuanian made me smile. I’d love to visit the Baltics one day and enjoy seeing my hemp research translated into many languages. Indeed, chunks of my work are available in Japanese, Russian, Norwegian, Thai, Nederlander, and likely many more as these are just translations i’ve seen.

good hello,

I would like to use your some texts (will be translated in Lithuania) on my web site about hemp because I want to participate in the education of the public, government etc. what it is. Now it is formaly illegal to plant hemp here, but this or next year our government will be solving this problem (there are some paranoid people) and I think it will help to make a right decision for this agriculture.


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