Transient Cultural Riffs – Postcard #81

Podcover: Postcard Transient Cultural Riffs

Full of mis-spoken words, forgotten names and other sloppiness comes annotated thoughts (squished through time and space) for shut-ins, drifters and sufferers amidst erstwhile festive melancholy times of disruption and tumult, including poems – read alongside mosquito and rooster sounds – by:

  • Sohaib Ahmed
  • Alan Halsey
  • Charles Bukowski
  • David Smalley
  • Kat Code
  • Dave Olson
  • John Monroe
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Unknown Urban Legends
  • Marc Zegans
  • Leif Baradoy
  • Evan Leeson
  • John Sinclair

For the shut-ins: Transient Cultural Riffs – Postcard #81 (70MB, 48:41, 192kbps mp3, stereo)


riffs about John Lennon and Ono Yoko and Marshall McLuhan


musical riffs by Chet Baker Quartet with Russ Freeman

Plus name checks for Neal Cassady, Jello Biafra, Dave Madden, Allen Ginsberg’s holy cock, dine and dash, Ken Kesey, Gary Snyder, Alan Watts, Beat Museum, City Lights, Grateful Dead, Beat Museum, City Lights Bookstore, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jim Robson and more… (note to self: add links).

Factchecks: Another fact check for recent “Postcards from Gravelly Beach“ #Podcast via @Marczegans / #poet & @CityLightsBooks founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti is 99 (100 March 24), not 90 as mentioned. Crafting poetry, looking great, an all time champ! More Reading: — Fact-check for “Postcards from Gravelly Beach” #poetry #podcast via M. @scales / #confirmed! Charles Bukowski & me indeed share a birthdate Aug. 16 (him 1920, Andernach, Germany m; me 1970, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada). Merci! — Not exactly a factcheck but i did butcher #poet @leif’s name in the recent “Postcards frim Gravelly Beach” #podcast / meant to gracefully say “Leif Baradoy” – sheesh i’ve only known him for 8 years… Anyhow, listen to his SMS-sized poems.

Pod bonus: War is over If you want it

John / Yoko + Marshall McLuhan interview transcript at Beatles Interviews Pod bonus: Lennon & Mcluhan On a snowy day in Toronto in December 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono sat down with renowned Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan to chat about their ‘War is Over!’ billboard campaign, which had seen huge proclamations of “War is over! If you want it. Happy Christmas from John & Yoko”erected in 12 different countries. While John and Ono were undoubtably one of the most talked about pop culture figures of the time, McLuhan was no stranger to the spotlight either. He is known for coining the expression “the medium is the message” and for predicting the internet almost 30 years before it was invented.

John & Yoko with Marshall McLuhan: Ontario, Canada 12/19/1969


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