Countdown to Tokyo 202x Olympics with “Scene Report” on CKNW Radio, Vancouver

Get your ears on and listen to Tokyo Olympics “scene report” chat with Jody Vance on Vancouver news/talk radio 980AM from July 12th afternoon PST, July 13th 9-ish AM JST.

A few notes to go with: 

Covered a lot of ground but so much more. Looking forward to keeping you up-to-date from regular folks’ point of view as #Tokyo2020 gets underway.

Tokyo 2020, for many reasons will be a very unique iteration (understatement!) of the Olympics with very few spectators, loads of precautions and a host city in 4th state of emergency.

Importantly: truly hope events occur w/o public health consequences.

Lots of anxiety / frustration about IOC hubris & government waffling.

(I realize) it’s not unusual for Olympics to get off to a rocky start that’s for sure and once they get going, a lot of the negativity fades and good times prevail.

For record, at +/- 16% vaccination rate in Japan.

In “better news“: Since anybody watching (aside from oligarchs & bureaucrats) will be watching on TV (regardless of all the things going outside of the sports venues), fancy new technology will make sports (including a few new ones *skate, surf, rock*) look really great on TV – might as well get to know crazy tech – cameras, clouds, microphones etc. 

Hey that was fun! could talk with Jody Vance for an hour (one tech hiccup when my phone *automagically* connected to wife’s car via bluetooth – ooops :)) 

We didn’t get to riff about the extra challenges for athletes coming from Delta-heavy countries, the onerous participant waivers athletes have to sign, and IOC chief Bach’s visit to Hiroshima and other gaffes…

Any Vancouver or elsewhere media on the ground needing a high-five, hit me up. Happy to listen to any comments, questions, musings, concerns about Tokyo2020 and IOC / Olympics in general.

{possible more notes and memos will paste here}

Beyond the obvious lack of benefit (tourism impact on small business and global reputation through shiny images and/or *needed* community infrastructure) the messaging from #IOC has been demeaning, disrespectful and completely tone-deaf / Leading up with hubris and threats.

zero enthusiasm whatsoever on the ground in #Japan. Nothing but disgust, frustration, anger (& a bit of embarrassment). Japanese folks have diligently worked to keep cases down (despite government waffling) these last 18 months and appalled by new risks & hubris

Dude (Bach) is getting roasted in Japan bigtime. #IOC sparking vitriol ive never seen here before. “Sacrifice” bah!


Listen in embedded player above or direct mp3 if preferred: 

Description: Dave Olson, Grew up in Whalley – lived in Lynn Valley – and now living in Japan, Attended several Olympic Games and Ran a social media aggregator during the 2010 Games called True North Media House joins the show.

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