Diary: to the seashore for pizza & watermelons

Thank you for usual days

Brief evidence of a day trip to Nishiwaki Beach {Setouchi city} and pizza at Iwaburo + meeting up with Ryoko’s jazz vocalist friend Ayumi.

Though it’s just a short drive away, felt like a whole “expedition/holiday” yesterday >> so long since we’ve been out and about. Anyhow, poorly annotated snaps follow: 

* Postbox, at quirky cafe, Iwaburo (also ukuleles, turtles, cats, dogs, goats, and a friendly couple running it who told me about building pizza oven (see below)

* Pizza, handmade & woodfired

Ya know i’m making one of these at home, one of these days (we have loads of bricks and blocks and old ceramic pieces around for starters… a few other projects to finish first… 

note: pizza oven was just rough built with cinder bricks, fire bricks, concrete and clay and the boss was having a great time making the pizzas. Only about three minutes each in the hole. 

In the meantime, will enjoy pies from here. 4 varieties on offer.

* Tree on beach (Seto inland sea – loads of little islands between here and Shikoku

* Watermelons (in kei-truck), purchased 1 at roadside stand on the way home

* happy papa with his new toy (prices from from ¥500 on up to whatever)

* To the bottom of the sea! Ichiro’s first time in the salty brine / So glad the little guy enjoyed the sea. 

3 / 2 / 1 at the seashore 

* my treasures (yeah Ryoko’s dress is so great!)