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Typing Liner Notes in the Kura (with Joe Strummer vinyl)

really, that’s it, just typing some small items while listening to records

Ambient hanging out typing liner notes (on an Olivetti Lettera 34) for mixed CDs and cassettes while listening to Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros box set and War on Drgs vinyls in a kura storehouse barn studio in provincial Japan.

looks sort of like this once it’s all stamped up and decorated

Yes, lousy typing technique, non-ideal posture, nice elephant dung paper, great hat, hemp shirt, easy vibes –0vaguely ASMR clackety clacking if that’s your groove.

Indulge Me, Logistically – Postcard #86

Indulge Me, Logistically – Postcard #86 (at artist Yumeji birthplace museum)

Let’s not lose each other amidst the table cloth being pulled out from under glasses and dishes. Meaning: some technical jibber-jabber about claiming feeds sparks a history of these sporadic, occasional (yet somehow charming, right?) literary dispatches from hand-written XML to various blogs and feeds and meanderings. Plus, about me! My name is Dave Olson (hi, more below). So, let’s continue to spend time together shall we?

clickity-click: Indulge Me, Logistically – Postcard #86

A brief history and future at: Indulge Me, Logistically – Postcard #86
(64MB, 33:29, 256k mp3, stereo)

Special music from The Matinée who have new album coming out called “Road to Hell”. Consider supporting these lovely gents in their most enjoyable endeavours.

{more The Matinée in this archive}

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Shodo mantras & “next steps” on blackboard (for #Circumnavigation poetry book, annotated)

this is the important one, For Stanley (so he knows the emotions and adventures of his Papa), For me (for hanging in there in the rough patches), and For Pals (that’s you, for supporting me and listening to my rambles)

Not able to work on poem book today but snapped shots yesterday as part of my “meta-documentation“ / in this case, Shodo-style mantras and reminders + an up-dated blackboard “next steps” list.

its seems *obvious* but to keep in my flow with inertia and momentum, i write everything out

Also keeping a notebook of records listened to in the process. #Circumnavigation

yes, one is hidden because its about ghosts / this part of the bench is quite messy as full of projects to come after the book project (which is happening on the other bench)

Ryoko’s Artisan Charcoal (her company is:

Preamble: Do you remember me telling you about Ryoko’s charcoal kiln? Anyhow, she built it herself, recently fired for the first time and here are the results.

Behold! Artisan charcoal (for tea ceremony, woodstoves, medicinal use etc.)

I know I gush about my amazing wife all the time / she continually truly amazes me with her projects both “professional and personal“. … So, this is me saying: here is her new incredible project, charcoal.

here is the kiln in action making the neighbourhood a wee bit smoky

Project started with clearing out a significant part of bamboo forest, like 20 m tall bamboo trees, then excavating part of a small hillside, followed by installing an oil drum in which she cut holes for loading and chimneys, then surrounding the drum with bricks, adding the two-stage chimney, building a roof (this part I helped a tiny bit #GoodBoy) and sealing it just before the rains came.

Then, loaded up with a variety of wood – mix of various hardwoods and bamboo – for her first firing. Lit a fire at a little entrance at the front, eventually catches inside and “roasts“ all the wood without burning.

After eight hours, cut off the oxygen (by then our whole compound smelled like barbecue), then after two or three days, opened it up & pulled all the charcoal out (hey, I helped with this part too!).
She also collected the magic charcoal water for some kind of still unknown to me medicinal use.

The part I love the most is all the various skills she used for one single project to gracefully produce what seems like a very simple product. From forestry to machinery to metal cutting to alchemy and so many points in between (and usually a cute hat).

And she goes about all these complicated projects with a cheerful smile + a combination of confidence and naivety / I will wake up be drinking coffee and look out the window and she’s rented a power shovel for the day or a running hydraulic wood splitter.

By the way, she also designs traditional Japanese gardens with a bit of a modern functional twist as well as doing tree trimming, plant installations, rock work… all of this is aside from her jazz singing, occasional piano live streams.

Her company is called Kinome.

Question: “can you use this charcoal for drawing”

The initial answer from the maker is “I don’t know, i think its different/ specific wood & process but let’s try”

(I think the artists charcoal is ground up finally after roasting and then pressed back together, maybe with a binding agent)

October, we’re home (again)

Preamble from Oct. 31: My sweet goodness, what a topsy-turvy buncha days out in the world. So much sadness, so much hope, so much everything happening all at once. Peace to the memories of the lost ones. Not quite sure how to react except to go wash dishes and fold laundry.

Meanwhile, Nov. 6: Usually, usually usually usually: i like to put a little monthly recap for the previous month – with a picture of a calendar – for some sort of a mental reset routine amidst the anomalies of chronology which, frankly doesn’t make sense (the concept of a calendars and the reasons i recap).

Though, i changed all the calendars (Japan is a great place to live if you love free calendars), i didn’t take a snapshot (my handy pocket robot camera has stopped working) but the photo with me in various hats feels kind of like a calendar and well, the last day of October is a day for dressing up in various disguises so voila!

Note: I don’t care for scary stuff or spooky stuff or horror stuff but you know I’m a fan of hats, costumes and disguises.

So, while we’re well into November, the darling wife and adorable son are off at tea ceremony after a day out a Kurashiki jazz street yesterday in the gorgeous historical Bikan district, and I’ve folded the laundry, still have a few dishes to do and a pot of rice to put on and, for consistency, here are a few notes about October.

my great pal Banghi made this amusing meme with me and hero Tintin, i love it!

Books: Currently reading Tanizaki Junichiro’s “The Makioka Sisters” – story of a once-prominent family in Osaka/Kobe in the (dreamy) Taisho era and enjoying so much. Kind of Tolstoy-esque it’s pleasant pacing & details of family life. Previously read his “Naomi”. Did you read either?

Also reading Murakami Ryu (not Haruki)’s “69” / I usually have three or four books on the go at once in different locations. Right now keeping stacks handy for glances of poetry for inspiration while I work on my book project.

Ichiro has learned the wonders of Tintin books so we’re reading Tintin in Tibet over and over again and we both love it. Also “old farm, new farm” as well as “toot and puddle” – all most excellent.

Also posted a review of Amy Chavez’s book, trying to do this for more books (and have a plan to write something about the new record from The Matinée)

Anyhow, October featured two big “buckets of things”

1) Loads of creative projects wound up, especially:

  • the Kerouac in Kobe video and related coverage in Rock and Beat Generation and Allen Ginsberg project and loads of dossiers send out into the world / note: followed along with coverage of “Lowell Celebrates Kerouac” event but made sure to not feel blue about missing out
  • poetry anthology “Muriel’s Journey” and the online reading – which sort of help me reconnect with my former home of Vancouver as well as meet some interesting poets, some of which also have a connection with Japan
    • interview / convo with Jason Emde for his “Writers Read their Early Sht” pod, coming soon-ish / provided opportunity to surface all sorts of archeology

2) Loads of “life admin” stuff wrapped up, including:

  • various passports, citizenship and tax matters in several countries
    • into new medical programs, detailed elsewhere
  • paperwork for schools & pensions
  • tickets purchased for a big trip next year (more later)

Next up for November:

  • the big one is trying to focus on this poetry book that I keep yapping about (its kinda project which is hard to start and stop and start… momentum and pacing is key)

but also:

  • one more round of absurd disability paperwork for Canada, completely intimidating
  • getting ahead of the New Year’s card production routine, (I love this but scaling back a bit this year, trimming the list)
  • doing a big picture hanging funtime (gonna be really fantastic)
  • a few more things around the yard and garden (did a few already)
  • plans for festive get together and possible Santa Claus appearances

Finally, King Tut:

My pal, super blogger Rebecca Bollwitt, AKA Miss604 has a campaign about the groovy interactive exhibit about King Tutankhamun in Vancouver / the King Tut exhibit in Seattle when i was a kiddo (1978?) was a HUGE deal for me and this year, this month is the centenary of the (re)discovery of the tomb by the squad of Egyptian workers, archeologist Howard Carter and patron “Lord” Carnarvon.

So i added 2 notes:

  1. Podcast: Behold, a very enjoyable, approximately 7 hour, “brief overview“ of the archaeological excavation of KV 62: Anniversary: The Tomb of Tutankhamun – The History of Egypt Podcast
  2. Bonus: me in fifth grade Prince Charles elementary school in Surrey science fair, and full costume with a (sorta) scale model of Tutankhamun’s tomb complete with gold painted treasures inside, a back light, and a sign saying “see what Howard Carter saw” / also a mimeographed and-out with an essay explaining “the daily life of the young king”
why yes, i did win first prize :)
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Brief re-cap {of everything, up to here}

Sometimes (esp when my *former Company* is in the news), folks surface – who apparently missed out on last 9 years of my life – so, catching someone up, I told them these items:

its a photo of me, standing jauntily by a post box as though that’s normal behaviour

I struggle with brevity and not sure where you “last left off” so:

  1. I live in an underappreciated corner of provincial Japan, forever
  2. Have a darling arborist/jazz singer wife and an adorable son
  3. Dealing with chronic and complex illness #mecfs
  4. Making lots of creative projects as all my “archives” are here and a historic barn turned studio {Audio, video, scrapbooks, postcards and now a poetry book underway}
  5. most of my time is spent folding laundry, washing dishes and taking hot baths
  6. PS UW is here being his very best self (but chose a strange country to live in for various reasons/purposes ;))
  7. frequent diaries and personal archaeology at: (you are here) with rss feed & extensive longform personal musings and moderated comments & also postcards
(yes, that is my address but don’t come visit unannounced)

Circumnavigation poetry book / update about environment and routine

update about my “circumnavigation, of sorts” poetry book project… kind of like a slacker #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month campaign), briefly:

yes, its true, i dig a nice checklist

trying to stay within my energy envelope which means couple hours a day max #mecfs

my barn studio is a sanctuary: dark, calm, cool

made a nice environment + keeping a notebook of records played + “warming up” with a few letters and postcards

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Circumnavigation (poetry book) ~ Let’s make a start

oh, let’s talk aloud about rather obvious topics, it’ll be fun!

From my barn studio in provincial Japan come spontaneous annotations about undertaking a new project. In this case: compiling a collection of poetry (working title “Circumnavigation of sorts”), mostly from works already written over years of rambling… Plus riffing about first setting up the right environment (lighting, incense, tea station, workbench), remembering to meditate, stretch and enjoy, finding the middle ground between “this is the best ever” and “this is really quite terrible” and thinking aloud about “what connects all of these works together?” and more talking to myself about process and limitations .

Kinda like a slacker version of #nanowrimo2022 (National Novel Writing Month campaign) except #poetry and less diligent cause i have dishes to wash, laundry to fold.

Halloween out n about / minimal effort, moderate fun (w/ magic darling duo)

Canada Japan Friendship Society, Tsuchida branch

Briefly: Evidence of us doing the Halloween rounds this afternoon / including the magnificent Taroman pumpkin shriveling into repose & our “bare minimum yet very effective” costumes of a ragtag baseball squad

It seems we live in a Ghibli theme park

The neighborhood has four “official” trick-or-treat stations, specifically available from 1 PM till 2:30 PM.

After hitting up a couple, I pulled out the pumpkin to the stoop, set up a lawn chair and added chaos into the well-ordered routine with spontaneous station number five while my darling duo hit up a couple of others, returning beaming with treats while I am a few twizzlers lighter after visits by a young surgeon (with stethoscope and spectacles in his pocket), a young police officer, a couple of cats, a little bear, and a few middle-age neighborhood guys shutting down the other stations.

Why yes we do matchy matchy looks

Noting that station number one had a great persimmon tree and issued scissors to bring a few of these wonderful fruit home which look like tiny little pumpkins. We use them all sorts of ways including my fermented vinegar.

Pumpkin looking a little worse for wear, hopefully the wild boar will come make short work of it

The nice lady there took a snapshot of the three of us & the husband there asked when we’re having another baby 🙂

There they are!

Really nice to see a little bit of liveliness in the neighborhood after, you know… “all of this“ / glad to be able to chitchat with folks as I’m still a bit of a mystery in the area but Ichiro is clearly famous(!)

Ichi was Concept Director for the pumpkin which was modeled after his favorite program, the super campy 70s crazy art collage by Okamoto Taro “Taroman”
Supporting evidence of above: Ichiro at Taroman exhibit in Osaka