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I may take this year off from Gnomedex. Not that i don’t enjoy it immensely but because i am sick of spending rare sunny summer weekends indoors geeking out. Family and outdoor leisure time is so scant and August is the stretch run before the months of drizzle begin anew. I am always spieling forth for fall/winter confabs instead.

Though i am grateful for Chris Pirillo being a Zhonka Broadband customer, i may not make it this year though i am sure my amigo y amiga will manage to tear it up anyhow.
the crew at EMP

Here’s some flashback videos from previous years:

Plus Darren Barefoot’s “Stacie” speech: Darren Barefoot speaks at Gnomedex, 2007 +
Darren Barefoot speaks at Gnomedex, 2007 – Part 2

and the Canadians take over Gnomedex

## Via Pirillo ##

Here’s the proposed lineup of speakers for this year fresh from Chris Pirillo.

What’s happening at Gnomedex 8.0 this year?

We’re learning about the ReacTable Project with Arick Lindross:

We’re discussing the cult of Internet celebrity with Sarah Lacy:

We’re talking about social search trends with Danny Sullivan

We’re putting the user in control of vendors with Eve Maler

We’re engaging Gen-Y with the young entrepreneur Mark Bao

We’re seeing how social media reaches the third world with Amanda Koster

We’re finding fun and frivolity with Eric Nakagawa

We’re noticing how open source is changing hardware suppliers with Jeremy Toeman

We may (Schedule Permitting) gain insight with Brian Cox of CERN

We’re discovering what went into the Mars Rover mission with Scott Maxwell

We’re creating our own 3D fabricators with Evan Malone

We’re tripping into Internet Black Holes with Ethan Katz-Bassett

…and that’s just the beginning. :)

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