Canucks Outsider in L’Express du Pacifique talking fan culture

A few weeks back i was interviewed by Camille Pesnel, a reporter from France working for L’Express du Pacifique. L’Express is a French language newspaper here in Vancouver and Ms. Pesnel interviewed me about Canucks history and fan culture. I think – while the interview is in French, i spoke in English and don’t know what the article says. Someone want to do a translation?

L'Express Pacifique Cover

The article also includes comments from Jamie Olivier from the Canucks Fanzone and  Richard Loat of The Crazy Canucks Facebook group. A few days later, Ms. Pesnel and I shot some cheesy pose photos of me at Burrard St. Stn Skytrain in front of a Canucks Fanzone ad  – for more photos of the ads, check out the Crazy Canucks Flickr group.

Here’s the cover of the L’express du Pacifique issue #24 (.pdf) and article “Fans sur la toile” (.pdf).

Dave talking Caucks in L'Express Pacifique