International Street Hockey in China

Get on the Bus for Canucks Outsider Playoffs -- Live!
humble blogger as a young man cheering on the Canucks cup run in 1994 in Saji village, Tottori, Japan

As a guy who’s lived in many foreign lands and proselytized hockey all round … even hauled sticks to Japan to practically beg guys for an hour of concrete chaos …, GZ Expat’s recent blog post makes me wanna hum happy songs and go door to door collecting stinky gear from garages to ship over.

If you haven’t checked it out his brief documentation of a one in a million night in China (a million per day in Canada), then stop by to read Ball Hockey on the Streets of Guangzhou as he tells about a United Nations worth of kids with ancient gear looking to score on a stickless goalie.

So who’s in?  Anyone wanna send some stuff over to him?  I think the plastic stick blades could work out great for him as a slender piece of wood for a shaft should be findable over there.