Red Wing Chelios’ Mugshot in James Mirtle’s blog

James Mirtle is one of the very best hockey writers – counting both professional and amateur pundits alike.  He is a proud BC boy done good and, while he writes on all NHL teams + CIC sports and so on, he is a Canucks fan and i wondered if he tuned into the Outsider.

While i still don’t know if he enjoys my podcast hi-jinks, i do know he found my photo of Chelios outfront a Vancouver hotel and used the mugshot in a post about Chelios for his (very good BTW) series on the NHLPA inner-workings through the upheaval and current reinvention.

He (in his busy summer haste  no doubt) left the photo uncredited so i figured the backstory should be posted for the record ;-).

So, as i put in the comments:

For the record, … the photo of the Chelios (in his very nice suit) was taken while Chelios, Draper, Lang and Maltby ordered coffee before getting beat down by the Canucks 4-1 on St. Patrick’s Day.

Indeed, I recorded a show about that game as the host of Canucks Outsider podcast and co-host of Crazy Canucks podcast {pardon the plug}.

I ran into them coincidentally (though there were plenty of mouth breather autograph ‘pros’ waiting) in front of the Pan Pacific hotel at Canada Place in Vancouver.

I asked the “dark lord” about the Bertuzzi addition (traded days before) – he guffawed and accused me of digging up dirt and then gave me crap about taking his photo before chilling out and mugging for a few snaps.

I also helped (the very polite) Draper and Lang get a cab (Lang looked drained and iron-deficient).

Thought it was interesting that the 4 veterans got an early start via taxi to the rink while the rest of the guys (i assume) rode the waiting charter bus.

Added err …bonus?: More the Red Wings getting coffee (at some heinous international chain).

Red Wings players in Vancouver Red Wings players in Vancouver Red Wings players in VancouverRed Wings players in Vancouver