Rolston owns the Shootout

Not only did Brian Rolston surprise a few people with his slapshot shootout goal on Canucks’ Roberto Luongo, but now he’s done the exact same thing to Marty Turco and Miikka Kipprusoff.

Those three goalies are undoubtably the tops in the West and I’d say all are among the Top 5 goalies in the NHL, yet Brian Rolsto’s hammer wins every time.  Un-freakin-believable.  Those who listen to the podcast know that despite my indifference for the Wild, I offer accolades to Lemaire’s coaching ability and Rolston’s all-around game.

Forget all these fancy “lacrosse” style moves where the players pick up the back on the back of the blade and whip it, just stride in and crank up and let errrrr rrrrrrip.

YouTube abounds with the goals for your viewing amazement so here are link to user from wukwinn‘s stash of goals:

First off, here’s Rolston’s penalty shot (not shootout) vs Luongo (awarded when “almost all star” Rory Fitzpatrick hauled him down, here’s the whole shootout so you can see Naslund’s sweet goal and Morrison’s sweet one and Bulis’s lame attempt, plus Luongo getting a wee bit of revenge on Rolston in the shootout before Numunienruen wins it.