Healing note: new MECFS Clinic at Okayama University Hospital

Note: tomorrow is check-in at *big city hospital* with neurologist at which point I’m going to talk about transferring my records/file to #Okayama University Hospital where there is a program for “long c19” & #Mecfs / I have 9 years of tests, treatment notes and modalities to contribute.

Look, it’s a real brochure about MECFS, in Japanese from the local university research Hospital, just opened last year after their “Long C19” program

(Of course) at this point,I’m not expecting anything “new or miraculous” but desperately need to take at least a half a step forward as this last few months/days, actually this year, has been really hard getting above baseline #mecfs (I bounce between levels 6,7,8 if you’re curious).

PS here’s someone’s (not mine) nice blog post about “10 things I wish people knew about MECFS

[update] The big hospital was efficient, tidy and quite vast with that sort of HVAC hum and fluorescent lights and echoey hallways that are a bit tough for me but usually a hallmark of modernity. Anyway, got the referral letter, hooray! + Dr is going to call the other doctor and there will be a fax involved somehow.

I also got some other new medication for pain/sleep and so far it’s been quite pleasant (keep in mind, I am very judicious about avoiding heavy duty meds as I’ve gone down that route before and I prefer to keep my brain even if there’s an element of pain).

Oh and got one of the egg salad sandwiches with the crust cut off! Such a luxury. Thanks of course to my darling for doing all the driving / stickhandling.

PS I found my brown leather shoes which I wore but did not take a photo so you’re gonna have to believe me.

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