Tarot Reading Aug. 2016

My dear friend K. did this reading for me as she’s done a few times over the years. Sharing here as a “note to future self”. No additional commentary expected.

Dave’s birthday tarot reading 2016
1. Present position: Hierophant “the teacher, counselor, consultant” There is a desire for a major breakthrough, to apply creativity and feel stretched.
2. Immediate influence: Princess of Swords “The Mood Fighter”. There’s a need to be a mood fighter by using common sense and practical thinking.
3. Goal: Prince of Cups “The Lover” Desire to express your passions and feelings fervently.
4. Distant past: The Lovers (reversed)
Relationships unbalanced, some will be deepened, others strained and split. Balance of opposites-dark/light, male/female.
5. Recent past/present: 10 of cups- Satiety(reversed). Emotional passion and vitality are drained.
6. Future: 3 of cups – Abundance. There is an outpouring of love and positive feeling. Tell others around you of your love for them.
7. You: Princess of Swords “The Creative, Intuitive Thinker “. Committed to cut through limitations that prevent mental clarity. A new way of thinking is trying to break through.
8. Relationships: 5 of Wands-Strife. Desire to release this frustration in the next 5 weeks to 5 months.
9. Hopes & Fears: Prince of Disks (reversed)-“The Physical Architect “. Issues concerning physical activity. You need determination and practical thinking to move forward.
10. Culmination: Fortune “abundance & prosperity”. There is a major breakthrough with creative process and more flexibility and insight. Maybe an unexpected opportunity or inheritance.