Diary: Otoosan’s (FiL) 65th Birthday

Happy Birthday to this fun-loving, shogi-playing, loud-talking, curry-making, sweet & kind (with great head of hair), retired civil engineer and new Grandfather.

65 today and hilarious and serious all at the same time / Celebrating with take-home South India Kerala curry & veggies from Spicy Spice resto (thanks Shabin Jabbar!) here in pleasant Okayama, Japan. 

Anyhow, being a foreign son-in-law in Japan ain’t always easy (as I understand it) so feeling rather fortunate for this kindly and fun father-in-law. 

For dessert, he gets to hold Ichiro 😉!

Delicious Kerala-style bento (though not in stainless steel tiffin ;))

Your humble correspondent wearing a *breezy *linen shirt made in Kerala where the houses are painted delightful Creamsicle colours.
Telling the family the story of being in the care of Dr. Veena at Ayurmantra / forever grateful 

Bonus Kerala: 

View from the Ayurvedic clinic (painting) 

Another “creamsicle house” painting 

Outside my bedroom window at an Ayurvedic Clinic (video clip) in Tripunitura, Kerala, India, this man in his dhoti would wash his cow/buffalo(?) with well-water each day. Splash, splash. This is all. I had a lot of time to watch him wash as i was sequestered for treatment.

So Mother-in-law and i went to pick up the curry from the cute cafe and then went on hunt for an awesome cake and took a few stops, but in the end, such success!

Happy birthday indeed! Respect Otoosan.

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