Diary: Rural Caprine Farm 14th Anniversary Party (Feb. 2020)

Fave hideout / so many people here today! Quick hits to mark the moment of Rural Caprine Farm’s 14th anniversary. 

Noting I look a little wiped out for sure… I have actually had a bit of a rough go of pain recently, good thing the heart and mind is feeling so good, but got some treatment this morning just before going to the farm so was a little spun out but worth it… I just sorta faded into the background (despite *always* sticking out here) but noting that… 

Buddy Mac attracts the most wonderfully interesting people in Japan > was so cool to see ages from babies to seniors all having a good time, plus musicians who travelled far to be there, old friends, a few longtime customers, some first timers, the old brewmaster from Aardvark (or is it Armadillo, yes it is now that I think about it – regardless its closed), Seno-san pouring Koti beer… all hanging out amongst the goats.

Plus of course, Mac is a wonderful dude and really needs the sparks to keep his business going.

Ate this variety plate of meat…

Hung out with his awesome grandson who is my good pal now for several years and always good for hugs and cuddles…

… and funny faces

+ striking a cheesy pose with my pal Mac in front of the 14th anniversary poster (the puffy Uniqlo jacket makes me look rather well larger than life but hey whatever)

… and just in case you doubt his wizardry, behold the grandeur of this meat cooked on a truly MacGyver’d barbeque grill set up, with rickety chairs and old wire spools behind as tables. Yep, nothing fancy, just everything awesome.